You’ve started your business, here is how to get your first customers

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started a freelance business

Let me help you. I once founded and run a successful branding and design firm before I started consulting.

  1. Determine who your ideal client is–are you targeting small businesses in the healthcare space, online bloggers or perhaps dentists who are over 40 years old and live in a single family home?
  2. Decide on what your deliverable will be—are you creating a website with 5 pages, cms and design package for $10,000?

    Are you offering a logo design package that includes a letterhead and business card template for $1000? You need to have a package so you never have to get paid by the hour.

  3. Make a list of people you can help and reach out to them directly either through email, phone or face to face.

    When I started out, I got my first client by walking into the restaurant and asking for the manager. I pitched her my services and made my first $2500(I only got paid $2000, she never paid the rest. lol)

  4. Find out a complementary service provider who can attach your services to hers. The bigger that businesses’ reach, the better it is for you.

    For eg.You could contact the biggest printers and graphic designers in your city and have a joint venture agreement with them where you both promote each others services. You can give them a percentage of your profits in order to get leads.

  5. Create content that your clients would like to see and drive Facebook ads to it.

I’d recommend picking up David Ogilvy’s Ogilvy on Advertising book. You’ll be fine.

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