Words entrepreneurs say to make excuses for failure!

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Success is intentional. Like Dr.Frederick K.C Price once said “whether you succeed or fail in life, it is your fault.”

The less excuses you have, the closer you are to success in whatever area of endeavor you are involved in. An entrepreneur’s advantage is that he or she sees opportunities and has the temerity and wisdom to get the results desired. I once spoke to someone who was complaining about how he was not able to start a business in a certain nation because of all the bureaucracy and yet there are millionaires who live in that nation and are prospering daily. He believed those people were either corrupt or had some shady dealings in the government. What this entrepreneur forgot is that if business was easy, everyone would be a success. He knew what he wanted but he did not know how to get to his goal so he resorted to excuses.

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Notice people only say “we’re only human” when they want to make an excuse for failure. Why don’t they say that when they succeed?

Have you made any excuses today?

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