What do you see?

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At the inauguration of the theme park, the reporter said to the wife of the man who had the vision for the project but had sadly passed away before it was completed, “Your husband would have loved to see the completion of this project.”

The widow laughed and responded “My husband saw this theme park completed a long time ago.”

Look at your website and see 20 million daily visits

Look at your ideas and see your first product

Look at your products and see your first 100,000 customers

Look at your first customers and see the next one million transactions

Look at that business and see an empire of global relevance

Faith is reality.

It’s looking and seeing past the report of the five senses.

It’s living in the reality that with God all things are possible to those of us who believe.

Its the same with people.

You have to look at your spouse, children, family and only see the best.

You have to look at your team and see a world-class workforce.

Others may be not agree but you don’t need anyone else’s opinion.

Faith is enforcing spiritual reality into the physical realm.

Faith is now. Faith is not going to happen. Faith has happened.

As David Oyedepo once said “I was a rich man even before I had a bank account,”

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