Using Mental Hacks To Sell Without Trying To Convince Customers

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using memory tactics to sell
There are annual competitions that test memory.
One of the former memory champions is an accountant who could look at 52 cards in 24 seconds and tell you exactly what he saw and in the order in which he saw them. He uses a mental hack system. 
One famous memory expert was recorded on television as he was introduced to about 200 people in the audience.
He then went ahead and recited their names verbatim from memory.
Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that?
I’ll show you how.. and then I’ll share how you can use this to sell products…
Chances are you already know this method but have not made a conscious system out of it.
What many memory experts do..
They look at an object or event and then they mentally associate  it with a story, number or image. 
For example, the next time you meet someone called Dannie for the first time, you can associate her name with the word “dancing” or a fruit or a flower that is familiar to you.
Think of your mind as a big room with a lot of mental hooks or coat hangers. You can hang whatever you want for latter recollection.
Now the marketing part….
I heard a successful strategist say “People don’t buy because they understand you. People buy because they feel understood.”
Let’s define that….
The people I speak with most often are those with whom I share similar traits or interests.
I can guess that this is true for you as well.
Whenever we meet a stranger with similar views on important topics or tastes in music, food or tv shows, our minds immediately cast a favorable light on the person.
If this is true then there must be a way to use this human trait to turn your ideas into profits.
Interests are really just mental hooks
If shared interests or a sense of relation can trump years of familiarity, then we can use it to attract people and convert them into buyers.
I learnt this from Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul. 
When they spoke with fishermen, they had what I call Hooks of relation. 
They would say things that their audience could relate with.
When they spoke with fishermen, they would give analogies such as fishes and nets.
When speaking with people who understood agriculture, they would bring up sheep and pasture.
When someone says “I don’t get what you’re saying”, it means they have searched through their mind and didn’t find any image, word or familiar hook to associate your conversation with. 
Politicians are exceptionally good at figuring out what mental hooks register with their audience and then repeating those words in order to get a vote.
For example, when speaking with the middle class, you talk about hope and how their dreams will become reality. They will be able to get better jobs, afford new homes, have more significance and pay less taxes. 
When speaking with people who are already wealthy, you talk about how their wealth will increase… how you will create systems to help them expand their enterprises and how you will do everything to protect them from harm which may be in the form of competition or foreigners trying to encroach on their incumbent status etc.
Now do you see the pattern?
When you want to convert someone into buying from you or sharing your view, the underlying principle is the same.
Always start by finding out what they already believe and what mental hooks or pictures they are seeing in their mind.
Once they feel that you see the same things as they do, it is easier for them to believe and pay you.
If your mind already works a certain way, there is a likelihood that you already have a framework that others use unintentionally.
Make a system out of your mental hacks or heuristics and you will increase your conversions.
Please share any mental hacks that you have used in your marketing.

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