How To Use Direction and Certainty To Convert Prospects Into Buyers

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Permalink

Have you ever seen any advertisement or promotion that offers promises like these “3 easy steps to a better golf swing”—

“7 ways to become a better manager”—

“3 simple negotiation techniques for salespeople”?

Mobile Application developers have found out that by reducing the number of times someone has to tap their screens to get a certain result, the higher the engagement and user retention.

The reason these are so successful is because people will pay for certainty.

The more uncertain someone is about what your product will do for them, the less inclined they will be to buy.

As humans we have a fascination with maps, blueprints, formulas, tips and advice.

We will do almost anything to clear up doubt from our minds.

When someone tells you something you don’t believe, you either go online to find the answer or ask someone else’s opinion.

Successful companies know that their websites, retail space and sales materials should offer step by step instructions.

The mind will always seek the clearer option because it doesn’t want to be in darkness.

Offer step by step instructions to your prospects.

People should know what to do if they want to buy something, speak to someone, try your product or have it delivered.

The simpler it is to find the BUY button, the more sales you will make.

Give them formulas, tips and steps to success.

No one ever bought anything and said “I bought this because it was so difficult to use”.
Everyone brags about things that are easy to use.

What are some other ways you can use certainty in your Marketing to grow your business?

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