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One of the easiest ways to give someone the same results you have is to show them how and what you did to be successful.

Why I Am Sharing My Secrets

I started my first business in Ghana with zero capital….

and today I am blessed to be able to charge fees of $50,000 in Silicon Valley for startup growth and sales training.

I know a lot of startup founders who are working all the time, losing sleep, precious family time and have little to show for their labor.

I hope my story will do two things.

First, it will not only inspire but give you

a step by step road map to finally living the life you dream of.

Secondly, whenever I share my story,

I attract clients and students who want me to help them achieve the same results.

At the end of this presentation I’ll offer you a chance to do the same.

Part 1-Creating Value On The Way To Fortune

Question 1-I asked myself, “Of all the things I know how to do, which of these activities energize me the most?

  • One on one consulting and training
  • Group coaching and training of Entrepreneurs on Business Growth and Marketing Strategy
  • Building Done-for-you Marketing Campaigns, Back-end systems and Sales Sequences

At the time I decided to focus on building Done-for-you Marketing Campaigns, Back-end systems and Sales sequences.

Identifying my highest value clients

Question 2- How much do I want to be paid per client?

I already knew that my work was making my clients a lot of money but I had to decide on who to give my attention to.

This is not “how much can the client pay?”. That is not important at this point. You have to decide on what you want first.

I chose an average client fee of $10,000 a month plus royalties.

I chose this also because I help clients make three to four times what they pay me. If the client can logically see that you are giving them more than they are paying, they will gladly pay more.

Question 3-Which of my client profiles would I love to be friends with and which of them is most committed to their success?

This question is important because it’s best to work with people who you can call friends.

When I started out, I had clients that I didn’t even want to talk to. They were just a pain in the neck and no matter how much they paid, it didn’t take away the fact that I wasn’t happy working with them.

I chose the client type that I could relate to. The kind of person I could share book and movie recommendations with. The kind of client I would invite home for dinner with my family.

For me this is an Entrepreneur or business owner as opposed to a corporation.

Secondly I also wanted someone who was ambitious and a quick implementer.

I’m sure you know what it’s like to work with someone who is not committed to getting results and is always making excuses. The excuse I disliked the most was, “this will not work in my industry.”

Finally, I decided to work with only those kinds of clients who I knew were motivated and willing to pay for my services. I chose people who I could get results for even with my eyes closed.

Today this is a description of my average client-

John runs his own business with a customer base of 70,000 or more people. He sells high ticket and high profit products and services. His website has about 10,000 unique visits every month. He wants to be in top 3 businesses in his industry and would like to be among the Forbes top 10. He reads books, believes in God and loves creating value for his customers. John spends thousands of dollars on Marketing and Advertising every month and wants to make a profit. John is married with two children that he loves dearly and wants to spend more time at home on the weekends. John wants to build an empire that has global relevance.

Question 3- Which 3 things can I do for John that will give him quick and consistent results?

1 Help him identify the right high paying customer base and the activities that are bringing in the most results.

2 Help him develop and promote an offer to attract the right customers.

3 Help him develop and execute a system that uses mental triggers to convert his prospects into customers

4 Help him re-activate past customers by creating residual and repeat sales.

Question 4- How much do I want to make in a year and how many clients will I need to achieve that?

At the time I wanted to make $10 million so I only needed 8 or 9 clients to achieve that.

How Do I Attract Clients To This Offer and What Is My Sales Sequence

Here is what my sales system looks like

1 Traffic through :Appearances, Advertising or Affiliate Promotion in the form of online Ad, direct mail, content etc

2 Opt-in via an online squeeze page to collect email and name(some say your conversion rates go up if you only give the visitor one space to fill)

3 Prospect reads sales letter or video

What your competitors are doing wrong

  • They are more focused on traffic instead of conversion. They think awareness, likes and popularity are the path to consistent wealth. Traffic is not the same as conversion.
  • They are targeting everyone instead of focusing on the right customers.
  • They are doing a lot so they don’t know which of their activities bring in the most results.
  • They copy whatever they see someone else do without understanding the process.

What I am teaching you to do is different because it?

  • Puts the focus on the client and not you.
  • Focuses on getting high quality leads.
  • Removes the need for traditional sales
  • Positions and differentiates you in the eyes of your market because they know what your USP and Value Proposition are.

Part 2-Building The System

Step 1-Building Lead Magnets

I read E.W Kenyon’s Hidden Man and it opened my eyes.

He explained how most college graduates were failures because they had been given information but lacked wisdom.

They knew where to go but didn’t know how to get there.

I saw that all the business failures around me, including mine were a result of a lack of wisdom.

My clients wanted to pay for results and not information.

For example, information is when you tell a CEO that he needs better sales sequences to increase his customer lifetime value.

Wisdom is when you give him the sales sequences to implement.

People want to pay for results.

I started trading wisdom and I did this with my lead magnets.

What you are looking at now is a lead magnet. I’m giving you wisdom for free and showing you exactly how to use it.

Your prospect or lead magnet will attract the perfect clients and make them respond to answer all questions and dissolve all doubts.

The way to do this effectively is to write down every question, objection and fear that your prospect may have.

Next, answer each one of those objections in your lead magnets so they have no reason to doubt you.

Examples of lead magnets I use are ebooks, special reports, free presentations, free consulting, free trials, samples etc.

Step 2-Creating and Promoting An Offer That They Can’t Refuse

What I did next was to offer to give free help to qualified prospects.

As long as you fit my criteria, I would show you how to use Marketing Strategy and Sales Growth Systems to grow your business.

My offer is–Would you like me to build a customized Growth System and Marketing Campaign for you?

Here is what made my offer effective:

  • I showed them the benefits—  “I will help you come up with a solid plan to increase revenue by building systems that attract new customers, reactivate past customers and get them spending again. I will also show you a simple strategy to add back-end revenue, develop joint ventures partnerships and increase word of mouth. “

People pay for results not features.

  • I was transparent about my reasons for sharing— “The reason I’m doing this is simple. I enjoy working with successful entrepreneurs and helping ambitious business owners grow their businesses. Secondly doing this attracts new leads who can pay for my services which start at $10,000/m or $50,000 a day.”
  • I took away their sales fear—  “This is not a sales pitch in disguise. At the end of this presentation, you may consider working with me. “

Why? Contrary to popular belief, telling the truth and honesty is a better tool for customer acquisition than deception. If you don’t tell people why you are doing something free for them, their minds tend to think you have an ulterior motive. In my case, my motive is always mutually beneficial so I say it.

  • I gave them an offer by reversing the risk—  ” If you use my system, book or attend a workshop and are not satisfied with your results simply email me and I’ll return your deposit. You can even keep the entire system for free at that point. You have nothing to lose.”

The reason I give such an outrageous guarantee is that I don’t want fear of risk to stop someone from doing the right thing. By taking away the risk, the prospect feels more confident and know they have nothing to lose.

  • I defined my perfect client–  “For this to be of great benefit to you, I believe you must fit the following criteria …..”

This is where I tell them that I only work with Entrepreneurs and people who run either product or service based businesses.

I tell them how I like to work with Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Professional Services businesses such as Accounting firms, Legal Services, Healthcare Service providers, Real Estate Lessors, Investment Firms, Holding Companies.

I explain that my qualifying process includes website, list size, previous years sales volume, sales goals, biggest roadblock today, Marketing/Advertising budget.

I usually use Typeform to collect this information.

Step 3-A Close-Ended Call To Action

  • I reiterate what is in it for them

“‘Here is what this system gives you-A highly targeted segment of responsive prospects who know what your offer is, how much you charge and why they should do business with you. What’s great about this is that they actually want to contact you to help them Now.

If this sounds like you I would like to know more about you so I can be best prepared to help you when we speak. Please click the link below to schedule a planning session with me. You will see a form with a few questions about your business and what you’re looking to achieve. This will help me do market research and set up a time for us to go over the plan together.”

The link they click takes them to the form I mentioned where they have to qualify themselves to speak with me.

I then do research on the client to find out if what they say is true. Most importantly I want to know if they have goodwill in their market. It’s more difficult to get customers to buy when they don’t like the business.

It’s after this that I schedule an interview with them using Google Calendar.

Step 4- The Interview And Getting Paid

My conversion rate has been upwards of 80 percent. This is because I am selective of who I want to work with and people know that.

It’s like hanging a sign outside that says ‘Only grilled chicken served here.” That kind of place will never attract people who don’t like grilled chicken.

For those clients who I can’t work with. I simply let them know why and recommend a product or service that can help them.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to offer the products of an affiliate. Your prospect will appreciate it.

These are the interview questions. I usually spend 30 to 45 minutes helping them on the phone or via Skype or Gotomeeting.

1  Find out what his goals are and what he expects to get from this arrangement. 

“What is your vision for this business? 12 months from this date and looking back. What would have needed to happen for you to be happy?”

After John tells me, I repeat his answers to him so he knows I’m paying attention. 

2 Find out where his today and what is standing in his way.

“So you made $303 million last year and would like to be closer to $310 million 12 months from today.

How happy do you think your customers are with your business?

How many more customers would you like to have in the next 12 months.”

3 Now that you know where they are and where they want to be, fill in the gap by asking them questions that will lead them to feel they are building this plan with you.

I always build up-sells, back-end systems and help them setup sales sequences.

For example let’s say Mary owns a high-end fashion brand. This is how the conversation may go.

Me- “Your main product is shoes. Is there anything else you feel your customers would like to have within 30 days of buying this shoe?”

Mary-“Yes. Many people like our $400 earrings. ”

Me-“Do you think your clients would like that as a one click upsell?”do u think clients want your event as well at one click up-sell ? What percentage of them do you think would buy?

Mary-” Yes that would be cool. About 20% of the 15,000 people who have bought the shoes would buy.”

Me-“Is there anything else of value that you could give them somewhere in the next 12 months? Do people ask for a competitor’s or a product that you don’t sell?”

Mary-“We have a new $1,500 purse that we could show them.”

Me-“Awesome. Do you think if we sent out a campaign via letter, email or brochure to all those who bought shoes if they’d like a discount on purse? What percentage of them do you think would purchase it?”

Mary-“That’s an interesting idea. Yes.  We could sell it for $1,400 to about 50% of them. ”

Me-“By my calculation that means you could make $1.2 million with the earrings and $9.8 million with the purse campaign. That’s $11 million more. Not too shabby huh?”

Mary-“You’re right. That’s a good plan.”

Here is where you help her make money from her past customers

Me-“How many customers do you have over the last 2 years?”


Me- “Is there anything they want that you sell that they don’t already own?”

Mary-“We used to sell a lot of jewelry sets for $700 but we haven’t explored that option in a while.”

Me-“If you offered that to your 7000 customers, what percentage of them do you think would like that?”

Mary-“At least 15% of them.”

Me-“That could make you an extra $735,000”

I end with showing them how to build a list and some changes they could make to their websites and content strategy

Me- “You said you have 70,000 in your list. How are you growing that list?”

Mary-“Facebook ads, Google Ad words and some magazines”

Me-” Is there a reason you don’t have Instagram and Youtube ads?”

Mary-“We have tried them but didn’t see much conversion. Is there something we should know?”

Me-“Yes. Instagram is really just a TV screen in a customer’s pocket. If done right, you could make a lot of money. Let’s talk about your website’s lead generation as well.”

This is the part where I diagnose their lead generation systems both online and offline. We also talk about their product mix etc.

Prescribe and Close the path with numbers

Me-“Based on what you’ve told me it sounds like we could bring in over $11.7 million by doing what we have discussed. By creating the back-end systems, the up-sells, reactivation and creating better ads Is that correct?”

“Does that sound like a good effective plan to you? Would you like me to help you implement the plan?”

Mary-“Definitely! When can we start?”

What happens next?

I sign them up for either my one day business growth session $50,000 or my monthly strategic coaching and growth program $10,000/m.

The client then can come over for a one on one Whiteboard session where I look at what they are currently doing, what needs to be fixed and what can be maximized. Clients appreciate this because a fresh pair of eyes can put things in perspective.

You will also notice that I have them come to me or we work via Skype or Gotomeeting for my monthly program. There are many reasons for this but one of the main ones is that it helps if the client is away from their business and in my office in California. It helps to clear their minds and they can think more strategically when they don’t have to be putting out fires or answering emails at work.

Those were the simple steps that did it for me

I have just taken you through one of the best ways to grow your list and increase your revenue.

I have also showed you how I do it.

This will work for you if you are a Coach, Consultant and if run a Professional Services business.

Some examples of businesses this is great for are

  • Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Legal services, Financial Services, Real Estate leasing firms
  • Healthcare Practices, Advertising/Marketing Agencies, Education and Consulting Firms
  • and Infopreneurs

Would you like me to help you come up with a plan to double, triple or even quadruple your revenue?

The plan I will take you through will help you reactivate past customers and have them spending again.

You will learn how to add back end revenue to your current system.

You could double or triple your lead generation without wasting money

Here is what I have for you:


dominant entrepreneur

If you qualify, you are invited to join my Dominant Entrepreneur continual group coaching and training program.

Exclusively for Startup founders, Consultants and Professional Service providers.

Twice a month, I will show you what to do and exactly what to say so you can attract (and convert) the kind of clients you desire.

You will know the answer to the following statement.

How To Attract High Paying Prospects And Convert Them Into Satisfied Clients Who Pay You What You Desire

But that’s just the beginning.

In this private coaching and training program, I’ll show the Focused Growth system which will tell you precisely who your best clients are, what you should do for them in exchange for the money, and exactly how to attract and retain the high paying ones.

Attracting high paying clients is one thing.

Converting and retaining them is more important. 

You will also see the same simple step lead generation and closing scripts and sequences that I’ve personally used to sell high end products and services(My minimum target for client value is $50,000)

  1. Understand how to dominate your market
  2. Create massive value and goodwill in your market
  3. Become a master at persuasion and influence

This 8 Week ONLINE TRAINING program includes proven campaigns, sales funnels and business growth systems that you cannot get anywhere else.

I even share reviews of what I’m reading, investments I’m making and advanced training that may be too controversial for this site.

Here is what you will get:

 The insider growth secrets that bring financial freedom, consistent startup growth and market dominance.

8 weeks of advanced online training delivered once a week via email on the following skills, sales systems and growth strategies.

  • Lead generation, Conversion and Retention Strategies
    You will find out exactly who you should be focusing your marketing efforts on.

I will give you my scripts so you know what to say to make them come to you …(these prospects will come asking for your help with the full awareness of what your pricing and fees are. )

  • Pricing & Business Model

What is the right price for your kind of offer and client? I will go over your business and diagnostically suggest the right business models and pricing structure.

  • Profit Maximization and Retention Systems

What should you do to make more client?

What kind of sales sequences, funnels and growth systems are you currently using?

  • Putting your business on Autopilot

The goal of business is not so that you work 7 days a week.

Activity is not as important as results.
I’ll show you how I can work less and still make more than others in my industry.

  • Advanced Growth and Sales Plan

Yes I will even give you a Marketing and Sales plan you can use to get a higher income.

  • Product Launch and Client reactivation campaigns
  • Persuasion and Influence Systems to make you more convincing

and insight into campaigns I am currently running.


How this is different

This training program is EXCLUSIVELY for startup founders, consultants and professional service providers.

If you do not already have a startup, please do not apply. This is not for newbies.

  1. This is, literally, an Advanced 8 week training program .
  2. ONE training session once a week for 10 weeks.

This is the same material I give to the clients at our $10,000 workshops which you can only get in by invitation.

The goal of this private coaching and training program is to show you an exact road map to get a higher income at least 10 times what you are making now ….by discovering which clients you should be targeting, what you should offer them, how to give them massive value and then creating a marketing and sales plan you can use for the next 24 months.

  • You will find out who your highest value clients/users are and have them pay you what you want.
    You will become a master at using leverage and psychology to convert prospects into buyers.
    You will be able to multiply your profits with fewer clients and less stress.
    You will be able to gain respect, authority and significance in your industry.

Your investment

TWO MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF 498.5  (which is just $16 a day for certainty and a consistent system to outsmart your’s a no brainer right?)

Plus these FREE premium gifts 

1 Three highly effective sales funnels-valued at $600

2 Free Marketing Plan template-valued at $300

3 Free Webinar template-valued at 300

4 Email script for getting high profile PR sites to take you seriously -valued at 150

including these amazing bonuses

5 Influence and Persuasion kit for selling with video-valued at $700

6 Sales letter and landing conversion template-valued at $700

That’s a total value of over $2,700…for only $997

It is still less than what you would pay a top VC firm or VP of Marketing at a fast growing startup to guide and train you. You save at least $55,000 dollars that could have been paid to a top tier Marketing and Sales firm in Silicon Valley.


If after 12 months of applying these strategies and techniques, you are not absolutely satisfied, simply email me for a full refund. You still get to keep all the bonuses and premium gifts at no extra charge. This is intentionally outrageous because even though my results are not typical if you work hard you can succeed.

Do You Qualify??

If all you have is a business idea, do not apply.

This is advanced growth and sales training for startup founders and successful entrepreneurs. If you fit this criteria, then I can help you.

What will this training program give you?

A highly targeted and qualified group of pre-sold prospects who already know what you have to offer, how much your fees are and are willing to work with you.

The reason my closing rate is over 90 percent is because I only allow those I can work with to apply for my programs, workshops, courses and consulting sessions.

When you use this approach, you are the one choosing which clients you want.

Here is what you should do next

Join the Dominant Entrepreneur coaching and training program by entering your payment details below or click here.

After payment, my assistant will send you a short questionnaire about your business so we can get to know you and tailor the training to your goals and aspirations.

The more information i have about your current business and challenges, the better our sessions will be.
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