The Method I Use To Read A 300 Page Book in 2 Hours Without Speed Reading.

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Reading a 300 page book in 2 hours

Yes. I can teach you how to read a 300 page book in only 2 hours without speed reading.
Yes. You can do this with ebooks as well.

An old buddy reminded me to share my insights on how to read a 300 page book in 2 hours or less using strategic reading methods. I was taught these principles a few years ago and it has greatly improved many parts of my business. Thanks to a gentleman called Tommy Offe. I have also personally shared these methods with people of varying ages and even languages on 3 continents. Thanks to John Mark Gladstone Jr for reminding me to share these. I also recorded a voicenote for him that I will share here. Click this link for the voicenote.

Below is the simple template that I and many others use. It is based largely on Inspectional reading. I will go into more depth on this in a later post but you can check out Mortimer Adler’s How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading (A Touchstone book)How To Read A Book. It will give you a primer on some reading methods.


Strategic and Value Driven Reading Template

Name of Book/Article/Blog:

1. Purpose/Goal
Why are you reading this book/blog/article? What can you use this information for? (Please list your reasons)

Eg. I am reading this book gain insights on sales and marketing ideas I can use for my business.
2. Quantitative goal

Eg.i am going to retrieve 80% of this book in 2 hours.

Please tick off each section below as you complete them

2. Copyright Date
3. Number of Pages
4. Look at the Cover and Back of the book
5. Conclusion and Introductory paragraphs
6. Content page/Table of Contents
7. Headings, Sub Headings, Pictures, Tables, Equations, Charts
8. Trigger Words/Index -Look through the index and curate between 20 to 30 of the most frequent and important words throughout this document.
9. Summary-What is the writer’s main argument? In your own words, why did the author write this book?


10. 10 Points of interest
Read the 10 interests that fit your purpose based on Number 6 in the Preview.(These pages have to be of interest to you)


Extra:To Do

What can I do with this information? How can i apply this information to my life? What are the principles? What are the examples that I can improve upon?


I always write down my To-Do’s because you are only wise if you use the knowledge you have acquired. Just having a lot of information is not very useful.

I will explain in later posts, other details that will help you read at least 5 times faster than you currently do and still comprehend what you just read.

Did you find this useful?

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