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Before we begin, this is what you will get-

  • The exact strategies I used to move from charging $500 to becoming a highly paid consultant with fees starting at $60,000 for a day of consulting.
    Consistent ways to attract clients
    The exact conversion scripts and retention strategies I use
    A primer on how to build a strong service business
    How to start a freelancing business in 48 hours


I literally started my freelance business with zero capital.

I was working as a copywriter for an Advertising Agency at the time.

I felt shackled to the job and wanted to do more graphic design, web development and consulting.

My results are not typical but with the secrets I am about to reveal, you can do it too.


influence jeffrey manu growing startup unfair advantage

Dear friend,

What if I showed you how to dominate your market and get the consistent profits and recognition you desire.

That kind of insight is might just give you the power to say yes to that new home improvement, Yes to that new car and it may just help you to become independent of nagging investors.

Would you use that insight to grow your business?

Or would you be content with moving at the same slow pace as everyone else?

Why am I doing this?

As humans it is easier for us to achieve something once we understand how someone else did it.

This is why I will show you how I am able to charge $50,000 for a day of consulting

Secondly, the very act of sharing my secrets is one of the best lead magnets.

Here is what you get

I’ll show you how to identify, attract and convert high paying clients.

How to get clients to pay you high fees even if they barely know you

I’ll show you the same closing script I use.

You can use the same script to convert a $100,000 or $1.000.000 account.

Let’s get started.

Creating Value On The Way To Fortune

Question 1-I asked myself, “Of all the things I know how to do, which of these activities energize me the most?

  • One on one consulting and training
  • Group coaching and training of Entrepreneurs on Business Growth and Marketing Strategy
  • Building Done-for-you Marketing Campaigns, Back-end systems and Sales Sequences

At the time I decided to focus on building Done-for-you Marketing Campaigns, Back-end systems and Sales sequences.

Identifying my highest value clients

Question 2- How much do I want to be paid per client?

I already knew that my work was making my clients a lot of money but I had to decide on who to give my attention to.

This is not “how much can the client pay?”. That is not important at this point. You have to decide on what you want first.

I chose an average client fee of $10,000 a month plus royalties.

I chose this also because I help clients make three to four times what they pay me. If the client can logically see that you are giving them more than they are paying, they will gladly pay more.

Question 3-Which of my client profiles would I love to be friends with and which of them is most committed to their success?

This question is important because it’s best to work with people who you can call friends.

When I started out, I had clients that I didn’t even want to talk to. They were just a pain in the neck and no matter how much they paid, it didn’t take away the fact that I wasn’t happy working with them.

I chose the client type that I could relate to. The kind of person I could share book and movie recommendations with. The kind of client I would invite home for dinner with my family.

For me this is an Entrepreneur or business owner as opposed to a corporation.

Secondly I also wanted someone who was ambitious and a quick implementer.

I’m sure you know what it’s like to work with someone who is not committed to getting results and is always making excuses. The excuse I disliked the most was, “this will not work in my industry.”

Finally, I decided to work with only those kinds of clients who I knew were motivated and willing to pay for my services. I chose people who I could get results for even with my eyes closed.

Today this is a description of my average client-

John runs his own business with a customer base of 70,000 or more people. He sells high ticket and high profit products and services. His website has about 10,000 unique visits every month. He wants to be in top 3 businesses in his industry and would like to be among the Forbes top 10. He reads books, believes in God and loves creating value for his customers. John spends thousands of dollars on Marketing and Advertising every month and wants to make a profit. John is married with two children that he loves dearly and wants to spend more time at home on the weekends. John wants to build an empire that has global relevance.

Question 3- Which 3 things can I do for John that will give him quick and consistent results?

1 Help him identify the right high paying customer base and the activities that are bringing in the most results.

2 Help him develop and promote an offer to attract the right customers.

3 Help him develop and execute a system that uses mental triggers to convert his prospects into customers

4 Help him re-activate past customers by creating residual and repeat sales.

Question 4- How much do I want to make in a year and how many clients will I need to achieve that?

At the time I wanted to make $10 million so I only needed 8 or 9 clients to achieve that.

How Do I Attract Clients To This Offer and What Is My Sales Sequence

Here is what my sales system looks like

1 Traffic through :Appearances, Advertising or Affiliate Promotion in the form of online Ad, direct mail, content etc

2 Opt-in via an online squeeze page to collect email and name(some say your conversion rates go up if you only give the visitor one space to fill)

3 Prospect reads sales letter or video

What your competitors are doing wrong

  • They are more focused on traffic instead of conversion. They think awareness, likes and popularity are the path to consistent wealth. Traffic is not the same as conversion.
  • They are targeting everyone instead of focusing on the right customers.
  • They are doing a lot so they don’t know which of their activities bring in the most results.
  • They copy whatever they see someone else do without understanding the process.

What I am teaching you to do is different because it?

  • Puts the focus on the client and not you.
  • Focuses on getting high quality leads.
  • Removes the need for traditional sales
  • Positions and differentiates you in the eyes of your market because they know what your USP and Value Proposition are.

Part 3-Building The System

Step 1-Building Lead Magnets

I read E.W Kenyon’s Hidden Man and it opened my eyes.

He explained how most college graduates were failures because they had been given information but lacked wisdom.

They knew where to go but didn’t know how to get there.

I saw that all the business failures around me, including mine were a result of a lack of wisdom.

My clients wanted to pay for results and not information.

For example, information is when you tell a CEO that he needs better sales sequences to increase his customer lifetime value.

Wisdom is when you give him the sales sequences to implement.

People want to pay for results.

I started trading wisdom and I did this with my lead magnets.

What you are looking at now is a lead magnet. I’m giving you wisdom for free and showing you exactly how to use it.

Your prospect or lead magnet will attract the perfect clients and make them respond to answer all questions and dissolve all doubts.

The way to do this effectively is to write down every question, objection and fear that your prospect may have.

Next, answer each one of those objections in your lead magnets so they have no reason to doubt you.

Examples of lead magnets I use are ebooks, special reports, free presentations, free consulting, free trials, samples etc.

Step 2-Creating and Promoting An Offer That They Can’t Refuse

What I did next was to offer to give free help to qualified prospects.

As long as you fit my criteria, I would show you how to use Marketing Strategy and Sales Growth Systems to grow your business.

My offer is–Would you like me to build a customized Growth System and Marketing Campaign for you?

Here is what made my offer effective:

  • I showed them the benefits—  “I will help you come up with a solid plan to increase revenue by building systems that attract new customers, reactivate past customers and get them spending again. I will also show you a simple strategy to add back-end revenue, develop joint ventures partnerships and increase word of mouth. “

People pay for results not features.

  • I was transparent about my reasons for sharing— “The reason I’m doing this is simple. I enjoy working with successful entrepreneurs and helping ambitious business owners grow their businesses. Secondly doing this attracts new leads who can pay for my services which start at $10,000/m(plus royalties) or $50,000 a day.”
  • I took away their sales fear—  “This is not a sales pitch in disguise. At the end of this presentation, you may consider working with me. “

Why? Contrary to popular belief, telling the truth and honesty is a better tool for customer acquisition than deception. If you don’t tell people why you are doing something free for them, their minds tend to think you have an ulterior motive. In my case, my motive is always mutually beneficial so I say it.

  • I gave them an offer by reversing the risk—  ” If you use my system, book or attend a workshop and are not satisfied with your results simply email me and I’ll return your deposit. You can even keep the entire system for free at that point. You have nothing to lose.”

The reason I give such an outrageous guarantee is that I don’t want fear of risk to stop someone from doing the right thing. By taking away the risk, the prospect feels more confident and know they have nothing to lose.

  • I defined my perfect client–  “For this to be of great benefit to you, I believe you must fit the following criteria …..”

This is where I tell them that I only work with Entrepreneurs and people who run either product or service based businesses.

I tell them how I like to work with Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Professional Services businesses such as Accounting firms, Legal Services, Healthcare Service providers, Real Estate Lessors, Investment Firms, Holding Companies.

I explain that my qualifying process includes website, list size, previous years sales volume, sales goals, biggest roadblock today, Marketing/Advertising budget.

I usually use Typeform to collect this information.

Step 3-A Close-Ended Call To Action

  • I reiterate what is in it for them

“‘Here is what this system gives you-A highly targeted segment of responsive prospects who know what your offer is, how much you charge and why they should do business with you. What’s great about this is that they actually want to contact you to help them Now.

If this sounds like you I would like to know more about you so I can be best prepared to help you when we speak. Please click the link below to schedule a planning session with me. You will see a form with a few questions about your business and what you’re looking to achieve. This will help me do market research and set up a time for us to go over the plan together.”

The link they click takes them to the form I mentioned where they have to qualify themselves to speak with me.

I then do research on the client to find out if what they say is true. Most importantly I want to know if they have goodwill in their market. It’s more difficult to get customers to buy when they don’t like the business.

It’s after this that I schedule an interview with them using Google Calendar.

Step 4- The Interview And Getting Paid

My conversion rate has been upwards of 80 percent. This is because I am selective of who I want to work with and people know that.

It’s like hanging a sign outside that says ‘Only grilled chicken served here.” That kind of place will never attract people who don’t like grilled chicken.

For those clients who I can’t work with. I simply let them know why and recommend a product or service that can help them.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to offer the products of an affiliate. Your prospect will appreciate it.

These are the interview questions. I usually spend 30 to 45 minutes helping them on the phone or via Skype or Gotomeeting.

1  Find out what his goals are and what he expects to get from this arrangement.

“What is your vision for this business? 12 months from this date and looking back. What would have needed to happen for you to be happy?”

After John tells me, I repeat his answers to him so he knows I’m paying attention.

2 Find out where his today and what is standing in his way.

“So you made $303 million last year and would like to be closer to $310 million 12 months from today.

How happy do you think your customers are with your business?

How many more customers would you like to have in the next 12 months.”

3 Now that you know where they are and where they want to be, fill in the gap by asking them questions that will lead them to feel they are building this plan with you.

I always build up-sells, back-end systems and help them setup sales sequences.

For example let’s say Mary owns a high-end fashion brand. This is how the conversation may go.

Me- “Your main product is shoes. Is there anything else you feel your customers would like to have within 30 days of buying this shoe?”

Mary-“Yes. Many people like our $400 earrings. ”

Me-“Do you think your clients would like that as a one click upsell?”do u think clients want your event as well at one click up-sell ? What percentage of them do you think would buy?

Mary-” Yes that would be cool. About 20% of the 15,000 people who have bought the shoes would buy.”

Me-“Is there anything else of value that you could give them somewhere in the next 12 months? Do people ask for a competitor’s or a product that you don’t sell?”

Mary-“We have a new $1,500 purse that we could show them.”

Me-“Awesome. Do you think if we sent out a campaign via letter, email or brochure to all those who bought shoes if they’d like a discount on purse? What percentage of them do you think would purchase it?”

Mary-“That’s an interesting idea. Yes.  We could sell it for $1,400 to about 50% of them. ”

Me-“By my calculation that means you could make $1.2 million with the earrings and $9.8 million with the purse campaign. That’s $11 million more. Not too shabby huh?”

Mary-“You’re right. That’s a good plan.”

Here is where you help her make money from her past customers

Me-“How many customers do you have over the last 2 years?”


Me- “Is there anything they want that you sell that they don’t already own?”

Mary-“We used to sell a lot of jewelry sets for $700 but we haven’t explored that option in a while.”

Me-“If you offered that to your 7000 customers, what percentage of them do you think would like that?”

Mary-“At least 15% of them.”

Me-“That could make you an extra $735,000”

I end with showing them how to build a list and some changes they could make to their websites and content strategy

Me- “You said you have 70,000 in your list. How are you growing that list?”

Mary-“Facebook ads, Google Ad words and some magazines”

Me-” Is there a reason you don’t have Instagram and Youtube ads?”

Mary-“We have tried them but didn’t see much conversion. Is there something we should know?”

Me-“Yes. Instagram is really just a TV screen in a customer’s pocket. If done right, you could make a lot of money. Let’s talk about your website’s lead generation as well.”

This is the part where I diagnose their lead generation systems both online and offline. We also talk about their product mix etc.

Prescribe and Close the path with numbers

Me-“Based on what you’ve told me it sounds like we could bring in over $11.7 million by doing what we have discussed. By creating the back-end systems, the up-sells, reactivation and creating better ads Is that correct?”

“Does that sound like a good effective plan to you? Would you like me to help you implement the plan?”

Mary-“Definitely! When can we start?”

What happens next?

I sign them up for either my one day business growth session $50,000 or my monthly strategic coaching and growth program $10,000/m plus royalties.

The client then can come over for a one on one Whiteboard session where I look at what they are currently doing, what needs to be fixed and what can be maximized. Clients appreciate this because a fresh pair of eyes can put things in perspective.

You will also notice that I have them come to me or we work via Skype or Gotomeeting for my monthly program. There are many reasons for this but one of the main ones is that it helps if the client is away from their business and in my office in California. It helps to clear their minds and they can think more strategically when they don’t have to be putting out fires or answering emails at work.

Those were the simple steps that did it for me

I have just taken you through one of the best ways to grow your list and increase your revenue.

I have also showed you how I do it.

This will work for you if you are a Coach, Consultant and if run a Professional Services business.

Some examples of businesses this is great for are

  • Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Legal services, Financial Services, Real Estate leasing firms
  • Healthcare Practices, Advertising/Marketing Agencies, Education and Consulting Firms
  • and Infopreneurs

If you’d like me to help you find your highest value customers, develop a sales system that attracts, converts them as well grows your revenue exponentially–I’d be delighted to do so.

These are only a few of the ways to get more money, authority and respect in your industry.

I have also prepared an advanced but simple campaign you can use today.

In just 4 days, you can double this month’s revenue depending on what you are selling and who you are selling it to.

Get access to the 3 Step Cash Campaign.

Visit or Click here to get it

P.S Remember that the less excuses you have, the easier it will be for you to succeed.

As an added bonus, I’ll send you more strategies on how to increase your influence in your market place.

This free campaign I am sharing with you is powerful in the hands of ambitious entrepreneur.

The world is full of opportunity, high paying clients and amazing growth.

Carpe Diem my friend.



Part 2


MiG Shuffle IOS app circa 2009

A few months ago, when I asked readers of what topics they would like to trained on the most, “Starting a business that brings in passive income even if you have a 9 to 5″ was at the top of the list so I decided to create a course to teach this.
Let me tell you a story about two businesses I started that failed and how I would do things differently. As you read, you will see which pitfalls to avoid in starting your own business as a creative entrepreneur with passive income.

In my first business, we created one of Africa’s first IPhone/IOS apps. We had the idea and in a few months we had launched the app. The praise and reviews came in but we made no money from it. Not even $1 dollar. One of the reasons was that it was 2009 and we did not know how to monetize an app. We could have charged for the app or allowed in-game purchases but no one on the team understood sales or marketing very well. To tell you the truth I was just excited to have worked on something cool at the time. There’s a bigger reason why we did not make any money on the app but let me tell you about another business I started that made zero dollars as well.

The lion that never roared

Fresh Words Inspired was a blog I started to talk about business about 3 years ago. I like lions so nearly all the posts had an image of a lion. Very soon people were sending me photos of lions. I have always liked the t-shirt industry because it allows your illustrations and designs to receive tangible life on a piece of fabric. There’s something really fulfilling about seeing someone wear something you created. I wanted to monetize the blog and the only way I knew how was to have a friend design a tee and put it up so I did exactly that and guess what? No one bought a single shirt. Not even one. I did not understand how to promote products online so I did what I saw others doing and got no good results. Here is the point I was getting at.
“Not understanding how business or anything for that matter works is the same as walking around in a dark room trying to find something you need.” In both of the illustrations I just gave, I was ignorant. I had not studied what it took to promote and monetize software or t-shirts. I was trying to use common sense like everyone else.

“Common sense will get you common results but understanding will make you see farther than anyone else.”

What I should have done was to first understand the market, identify who my ideal client was and then create a strategy to monetize the products. I could have also researched to find out who else was making money in their field and sought to understand their business model. For example with the t-shirt company, I never bothered to find out if there were any prospective clients who wanted to buy a tee with a lion wearing a snapback. I just assumed others would like it because I liked it. Understanding can make you so much money in business. It’s the difference between a broke real estate developer and a wealthy one. Many people build apartments, not because they know of a specific demand for the property but because they have a few acres of land and think that is the best way to develop it. A wise developer will first find out if the prospective clients seek condos, apartments, town houses or a hotel. She will first identify what the exact opportunity is before laying one brick. Instead of building and then trying to convince someone to buy, she will find out what they want and build with those specifications in mind. This way, her property will stay at full occupancy while her competition are busy wondering why the market is not responding.
Now that you have decided to start a business or monetize your current online assets such as your blog or website, I am going to give you a step by step system you can follow. If you have any questions, subscribe and send me an email with the subject “Question”

Step 1. Identify your value

God has placed in all of us, the ability to create wealth. We all have something of value that we can develop. Everyone I have ever read of or met that has had consistent success over decades is doing what they love. By this I mean they are harnessing gifts that God gave them. They discovered these interests and developed them through reading, practice, internships or apprenticeships. As a creative person, I was good at a lot of things. Fortunately for me I could understood both technical and non-technical subjects but I did not begin to flourish until I tried my hands at them or read enough about my inklings to know if it was something to consider of not. For example, a few years ago I wanted to be an investment banker so I readThe Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life and took a 3 month course at the Securities Exchange. By the end of the course I knew I was not ready for that life so I moved on and tested another interest. The most successful people create businesses out of what they can do in their sleep.
This step is to find out what unique value you should package as a product. To have fulfillment and success in your business, you have to create a product or get into a niche that is authentic to your strengths. God has put in all of us something that this world needs, this is one way to find out what that is.
Write down 3 things you are good at and what skills you already have.
e.g.–graphic design, event planning, helping others get interviews, writing resumes, interviewing, designing jewelry, cooking, writing poems, teaching music, making beats, encouraging people etc.

Write down 3 things you know better than most people(this may be something that is so obvious to you but others do not see.)
E.g. blogging, photography, chemistry, passing standardized tests, the inner workings of the legal system, how to fill taxes, how to read 50 books a year etc.

Write down 3 ways your friends describe or introduce you to others.
e.g. she dresses really well, she knows how to manage a project better than anyone I know, he can bench press 250 pounds, he is a designer, pastor, he makes cool beats, she speaks so softly you want to tell her everything about your life, he loves movies etc.

Write down 3 things you have been successful at that most people struggle with or would like to achieve.(these are sometimes things that come very easily to you that you can do it in your sleep.)
e.g. Passing the SAT, starting a business, creating a logo, running 1 mile in 10 seconds, taking free kicks, building a website, painting on canvas, illustration, getting a job at a bank, saving money, filling out lengthy forms, losing weight without going to the gym etc.

Write down 3 skills you already have
e.g. graphic design, copywriting, singing, branding, selling t-shirts,

Write down 3 things you like reading, watching or studying.
e.g. leadership, cooking, sales, Faith and Grace in the Bible, Basketball, Counseling, interior decor and furnishing, strategy, lead generation, speed reading etc.
What can you teach easily?
e.g. fencing, rowing, football, writing love letters, picking out investments, styling outfits, teaching young girls how to use make up

Finally, Imagine you have $300million in the bank. In order for you to keep this money, you have to pick a career that you will love. It has to be something you can see yourself doing every day with ease even if no one was paying you for it?
e.g. I’d help entrepreneurs learn how to start and grow businesses online, I’d help nursing mothers know what kinds of workouts to do in order to lose weight, I’d help university graduates find jobs, I’d help CEO’s organize their schedules, I’d help retail stores organize their shelves better to convert more customers, I’d help big companies to file their taxes, i would like to help good politicians to plot and execute a successful campaign so the bad ones do not win, I’d like to paint caricatures of famous people, I’d like to help small businesses automate their finances, I’d like to help creative entrepreneurs make money online, I’d like to knit Christmas sweaters etc.

Once you discover what your unique value is, you will understand what problem you are naturally equipped to solve. One of the saddest things in life is to see an individual who is not fulfilling their destiny by working on the wrong thing. I am convinced the reason so many people say their jobs are hard is because they are working on the wrong things. The minute you find out who you are and what you have in you, success will start knocking at your door.



Step 2:

Identify your ideal client: find out who you want to serve, what niche you will fit into best and what unique problems they have.

Do you know what is better than having 1000 new customers? It is having 1000 starving customers. As an entrepreneur you do not want everyone to walk into your office or visit your website. You only want those who are hungry for your product because those people will appreciate your value and will most likely buy from you again and again in the future. Most importantly, starving customers rarely argue over price and will most likely refer you to other people who are as hungry as they are.

I am not a fan of pepperoni pizza even though it may be one of the most popular kinds of pizza. I think most of the ones I have tasted are too salty. For this reason every time I see a pizza place with a buy 1 get one free pepperoni pizza deal I look away. I am not their ideal client. I may even be craving for pizza but at that moment, I am not their ideal client. One of the biggest mistakes I made and I see others make all the time is to first get the idea, create the product and then start looking for clients. The right way is to find out who wants the product and then tailor your idea to fit paying clients. For example, if the head of the United Nations gave you a contract to supply a nation with drugs for malnourished children, would you go and order 2 ships worth of drugs first or would you first find out which specific vitamins and minerals you need to make sure are in the drugs you are yet to import? You can call this feeding the hungry, or giving water to the thirsty or clothing the naked. The principle is the same.

“This is like choosing your destination before you get on a plane.”

Many people get this wrong so they start a business or website, create posts, upload content to social media and then wait for money to come. After a while when there’s no money coming they post more content or create more products on more social networks. This doesn’t work either so they get frustrated and quit or move on to something else that they will inevitably fail at.

The first thing is to do here is to write down(not just in your mind) the specific kind of person or niche or customer segment you would like to cater to. If you were a fish, what specific pond would suit you? Are you a don at helping working mothers get back into the workplace? Are you excellent at helping immigrant professional get 6 figure jobs in healthcare consulting? or can you literally get any college graduate a resume and cover letter that will help them get an interview with Goldman Sachs?
The better you know what you can do and who needs you the most, the more money you will make.
We are intentionally foregoing building a website and other stuff in week 1 until we get the basics well defined. Even if you have done this before, please answer the questions below and email me within the next 7 days with your answers. Those who answer these questions thoroughly will have a better chance of success.

Who is your perfect audience? Who would you love to serve?

Answer the following-
Who are the hungry?
Who are those you are equipped to serve?
Who are those who can relate with your message you can relate to and who need to hear your message to live a better life or to not make certain mistakes?

Please describe in detail
1. Who he/she is……………………………………..
2. What does he/she like? ……………………………………………………
3. What products and services does he/she buy and use?…………………………
4. What does he/she look like?………………………………..
5. What Instagram pages, websites and blogs does he/she read often?……………………………………
6. Who does he/she listen to?……………………………….
7. Where does he/she work?………………………………….
8. If you wanted to find 10000 people exactly like him/her, where could we do that? Both online and offline examples……………………………..
9. What are some questions she has that you can answer? What problems does she have that you have overcome or can give solutions to because of what you have experienced or read?………………………………..


Let me show you an example of how I used the above exercise for our Business Growth For Creative Entrepreneurs course. You can answer the questions below as well.

Who is the ideal client? Creative Entrepreneur

What is his/her occupation? Small business owner, fashion designer, chef, developer, freelancer, consultant, stylist, blogger, artist, musician, graphic designer etc

What is his/her biggest desire and end result? She wants freedom..the ability to quit her job and make enough money doing what she loves…she wants to be able to grow a business that allows her to live the lifestyle she dreams of and not be tied to a desk all day… She wants a step by step system to follow..she wants fame, fortune and recognition for her work

Whai is his/her biggest problem? He does not know where to start because there are too many books, Youtube videos and courses out there. He’s not sure which of them will help her achieve her goals.

How can I help him/her today? By offering a step by step system that takes him from the idea stage through to the marketing, sales and profit stage… I can create a free ebook today that does that and also a detailed course that he can follow every week.

Chris Dixon has a really interesting article titled Founder/Market fit. Many people focus on product/market fit when that should be secondary. Entrepreneurs pride themselves on how many ideas they have but many people are not equipped internally to execute on certain opportunities. Many people get to where the puck is going only to realize they don’t have the skills of a professional athlete.

Now you know what you have that this commercially valuable, you need to find out what needs what you are making. Talk to people you have already sold to and find out why they bought from you. Segment them into groups so that you can decide of which group is worth your effort and will pay you what you want. For example when I started out as a brand consultant, I found out that corporate clients who had a sales but no experienced marketing team were willing to pay whatever I asked. There were others who also paid me what I wanted but the marketing manager would waste my time with unnecessary emails and phone calls many times because he wanted to take me on some ego trip to prove he knew his job.

If you are yet to start your business, then one way to find if people will buy what you are selling is to ask them to. Go up to someone you believe is an ideal client and say “I am selling this product/service for $100, you can buy it now.” The reason I say you should ask for the money is because many people especially your friends or family out of politeness will say that your idea is great and that they would buy it. Until someone pre-orders your product or gives you money for it, do not take their word for it. I know someone who ordered over $3000 worth of samples because his friends had expressed interest. After the products arrived, those who had showered praise on him were nowhere to be found. All of a sudden they had other financial obligations. This would not have happened if he had done what I am about to share next week.

Book recommendation:

Sam Walton: Made In America

It is said that in college, even the janitors knew who Sam Walton was because he would speak to you whenever he saw you on campus. It came as no surprise when he was elected student body president and president of his Bible class. Sam knew he was built for sales and he found his home in retail and stuck to it. This is an excellent read. Get it Sam Walton: Made In America” .

Obvious Adams — The Story of a Successful Businessman: New Business Edition”
I was pleasantly surprised by how good book this was. It tells the story of a gentleman who notices the obvious and turns it into commercial value. You’ll enjoy it especially if you like marketing and advertising. Get it Obvious Adams — The Story of a Successful Businessman: New Business Editionblog


 Part 3

How To Start A Freelance Business Online In 48 Hours

One of the reasons I am most grateful for the internet is because you can create passive income and never have to live paycheck to paycheck.

The purpose of this guide is to show you the road-map to starting a FREELANCE business online in the next 48 hours.

This guide is for ambitious entrepreneurs who are willing to create value. This is not a get rich quick scheme for scammers and I cannot promise that you will make a million dollars with a magic button.

People like Brendon Burchard, Pat Flynn, Jermaine Griggs and Frank Kern have built 7 and 8 figure businesses online.

What I am promising here is that you can do the same. Practice the steps I am about to teach you and soon you can have a profitable side business that may one day bring enough revenue to replace your present career.

The general Internet Entrepreneur Road-map looks like this

  1. Find a market
  2. Create or Choose product
  3. Build website
  4. Get traffic
  5. Sell product and get automated passive income


Passive income is money that comes in even when you are not trading time for it. A regular 9 to 5 requires you to either login or show up at work to get paid. Being a slave to time is not the way to wealth. In this blueprint I will show you how to turn your laptop into an ATM.

The biggest billion dollar opportunities in this industry are:

  1. Coaching: life coaching, fitness coaching, relationship coaching, business coaching etc. From what I hear, this is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
  2. Niche Info products: fitness, parenting, martial arts, piano lessons, motivational speaking, personal development, advisory etc.
  3. E-Learning: selling information and coaching to businesses. Businesses like Lynda have been in this space for years.
  4. E-commerce sites: selling either information products or physical products online. and Shopify are some big players in this space.


The Main Product Types in this category are:

Liquidator or small fix:

Usually under $40 EBooks, guides, special reports etc. Some people call them tripwire products because they get leads into a sales funnel. (More about funnels later)


You need to sell lots of them to make a good income. Pat Flynn started out with an EBook which brought him over $7,000 in monthly sales.



$30 to $300 products that are usually a mix of pdfs, videos and/or audios.

There are products in this space that teach people everything from self-defense to how to get your child into an Ivy League college.


If you sold only 30(one a day) of these products per week at $300, you would have $9,000 a month.($108,000) There are over 2 billion people online so selling to 30 people is very possible.


Modulated Course

$500 to $4,000 online courses that offer a specific value. The content is usually released (drip-fed) over a set period of time. If you have ever taken a 3 week online course, this is what it was.

Many online businesses have made this their bread and butter. If you sold a $800 course, you would only need to sell 20 a month to get $16,000. That is $192,000.

Do you see how easily this adds up?


Big Ticket and Interactive

$3,000 to $100,000 live facilitated and modulated classes. High ticket coaching, seminars and masterminds are examples of this product type.

At $4,000 per ticket, all you need to do is sell 5 seats per month to gross $20,000. That becomes $240,000.


Membership and Continuity

$10 to $300 monthly payment programs. Think of gym memberships where people pay for monthly value. You can set up a membership site with sites like Wishlist Member and Gumroad.

There are people who get paid monthly to coach their clients or consult on product for $100 to even $5,000.

You can also create a system or turnkey solution such as an app or software that solves a problem. I am biased towards information products and specifically online courses.


  1. Write down your income goal for the next 12 months. For example, if you want to build $100,000 asset write it down.
  2. Divide that number by 12 to get your monthly goal. Using the above example this figure would be $8,333.
  3. Check your gut(spirit, instinct), choose and a price you are comfortable with for starters. For example you can decide to create a $370 video course.
  4. Divide monthly income by price of product to get how many sales you need.

Sales you need =8,333/370=23

This means you only need 23 sales a month to hit your target.

  1. Write this down and place it in a visible place. Use this as your vision board every day and say it with your mouth to build faith.

I, (insert name) will receive $8,333 per month in sales by selling a Modulated online courseproduct.

I will sell 23 products per month for $370 each.


Conceptual side of online business

  1. Your message/topic/value

Find and develop your topic or message: List the things you are good at. The things others compliment you on. The things you have experienced that others struggle with. .The things you excel at. The things you find easy that others complain about. The things you have been paid a lot of money to do. The things you love so much you can do all day.

Find out which of these are your dominant strengths and interests.

Even if the idea sounds crazy you may still be able to create a business out of it as long as there is demand.



Demand is what justifies supply. Once you know what you are interested in and the product you are willing to build or sell, you need to find out who wants or needs it.

Paying clients can be described as

a. passionate about their concern,

b. can be easily reached and are

c. great in number.

This is the perfect mix.

If you are selling a product to help people train their dogs or manage their schedule better, searching for all men in the forties is not enough. Searching for new parents under the age of 30 who have just moved into a new apartment is a better market. They are a better market because it is specific.

Think of this as feeding starving people. You can find people who are passionate, great in number and can be easily reached with the following methods.


  1. Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the biggest marketplaces online. Visit the Clickbank market place and type in the keywords for your product. Look at how many other people are selling a similar product or catering to that niche. This is an indicator of demand. If other people are already selling to your prospective clients, then there is obvious demand. Clickbank also has what they call a Gravity score. It is a measurement of how well a product is doing and affiliate sales. The higher the gravity score, the better primed the customers in that niche are. We go into detail about this in the course.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Once you sign up for Google’s Keyword planner, look out for how many monthly searches your keywords have. The higher the searches, the more demand there is for a product. This also means you will definitely have competition in niches like health, making money online and real estate. If your keywords turn up just a few searches, it may mean that you need to do more research or that your niche is not yet popular.

3. book reviews

When people are passionate about something, they talk about it. Passionate people also like to write reviews. Check out the top 5 books in your niche and look at how many people have reviewed them. Pay attention as well to the language they use. Look out for how they express their hopes, dreams, fears and core desires.

4. Personal Interviews

Make a list of 3 prospective clients and interview them. Immerse yourself in their character to find out who they are mentally and what their ultimate desired outcome is.

5. Purchase history

If you have access to records of purchase history, it will inform you on how to price, positioning and other important stuff. For example if you are selling a healthcare product, you will notice what seasons of the year most people make those purchases.

The object of this exercise to find out if there’s demand for your product or service. You will also find out other important information such as trends, purchase history and pricing.


Check out Shopify’s blog and read the comments under each blog post that matters to you. 

I recommend reading the success stories of entrepreneurs in your industry.

There is a lot to learn from people who already have your customers.

Bonus strategies:

Know your Deeper Thought Life System

Many people have two lives. The life they live on the outside, which constitutes their job and circumstances. Their second and what I call Deeper Thought life is the life, dreams and experiences they would like to have.

Write down what exactly your perfect life would be. This is your Deeper Thought Life

For example, you could say “In my perfect life I would be working at a business I love and with clients that love, appreciate me and pay me what I want. My spouse loves me and never questions my decisions but supports me in all my endeavors. I drive an $80,000 car and have two houses. One of them is facing the beach and I frequently take long refreshing walks with my family. In the mornings I wake up, eat breakfast with my family and sometimes go to the gym at least 3 times a week. At lunch time I meet other friends who are entrepreneurs and we eat at a new fancy place every week. I am respected in my industry and top conference organizers frequently call for me to come and share my knowledge. My annual income after taxes is over $500,000 a year.

Notice I described the person not by money alone but also by feelings and experiences.

Do this exercise now to define yourself past the surface. Why do you want to start a side business? Why do you want passive income? Do you want these things to gain respect in your community and to have enough so that you can quit your job?


I have done this exercise for myself. You may be surprised at the results.


  1. Empathy and Your Ideal Client

Look for a target market that is passionate, great in number and easy to reach.

Focus on selling to one person. In thinking about your ideal client, don’t think about 3 people or an entire niche or market. In your mind, see only one person you are going to serve.

The better you know that person, the more value you can create and the more you will get paid.

Find out who needs your message and find out what specific needs they have. Make sure you can define this person and their problem as well as you can your spouse or best friend.

You must know what this person wears, what they look like, what websites they visit, what schools they attend, where they work (or the kind of job they have), purchase history (if they have paid for this course or kind of help before), who they paid, why they do not have results in this area already, how much they are willing to pay for this solution. You don’t want general data or just demographics in this step.

You want personal data, emotions and the kinds of words they use. You also want to know what their deepest desires, hopes and fears are. They may say they want a $10,000 raise so they can drive a better car but after questioning them, you will find out that what they want deeper than that is not just a car but respect from their peers or spouse.

If you can say to them “I know you want more respect.” They will think, “This person knows my thoughts, let me find out what he has to offer.” For example if you are catering to college students who are studying Chemistry, it may be that the degree isn’t their ultimate desirable outcome.

For example, their ultimate desirable outcome may be to please their parents, get into medical school or get a 6 figure income in a few years. If you go to such a client and say “I know you want to become better at Chemistry so you get a PHD, they will know you don’t understand them”


To Do:

Describe what your Ideal client’s Deeper Thought Life is. Write down their deepest desires, goals and aspirations.

The closer you can get them to their Deeper Thought Life, the more money they will pay you and the more trust they will give you. You will not have to convince them to buy. Many people are trying to convince people. They interrupt people and try to sell to them. In this case you are using what I call Identity Marketing. You are selling to their heart and not their head.

Here is an example from one of my online businesses catering to professionals who want a side business.

She wants to quit her job but would like a safety net of extra income before she resigns. She is considering getting a part time job. She has very little motivation to go to work and believes she deserves more fun in her life.

She would love to have significance, credibility and respect from her family and community.

She has not started her own side business because she is a little confused and scared. The truth is she is a bit overwhelmed with all the information out there and just wants a step by step system that will guide her through the process.

She would love to have more peace of mind, freedom and flexibility in her schedule so she can invest time doing the things she loves.


Now that I know her core desires, needs and aspirations I do not have to manipulate or convince her. I simply have to match my solutions to her needs.



“Would you like to have a business that pays you an obscene amount of money where you get to do something so much fun that you say to yourself, “I can’t believe I’m being paid for this”?

Maybe you have never considered what the perfect life would be but let me help you.

If I said to you, I have a course or workshop where we walk through this process together and you will have a clear path of what you want, would you be interested?”

Have you noticed I didn’t try to convince them? All I did was repeat what their Deeper Thought Life is to them. They recognized what they have desired all along from my copy above.

I wasn’t selling to their heads, I was selling to their hearts.

You must know who he or she is

You must know what he or she wants better than anyone else

You must really care about this person

You must do all that it takes to get him or her as close as possible to that ultimate desirable outcome (Deeper Thought Life)

Most importantly, only use this system to serve people and not to influence them negatively.


Become your client mentally

By this I mean that you should start to think like your ideal client or student (if you’re selling online courses). Visit the places they visit. Find out what they read and watch. Research who they are already listening to. If you met one of them today, would you be able to have a lively 2 hour conversation?


The Principle Of Instant Gratification: Create 3 blog posts or videos that offer your highest value

One of the easiest ways to get someone to say yes to you is to give them Instant Gratification. This is the reason the food, automobile, clothing and housing industries will always have customers. Let’s use the automobile industry as an example. When you see a car you want, your mind almost lets you drive it mentally. Once you take a test drive and go back to your own vehicle, it almost feels like your present car is old. The instant gratification of driving a brand new automobile makes your car undesirable for a while.

Knowledge works the same way. We trust people who offer us value before they ask us for money.

This is where you create 3 high level and extremely useful pieces of content that will get your prospective client closer to their Deeper Thought Life and ultimate desirable outcome. For example if you are teaching Advanced Math to college students, give examples of shortcuts they can use to solve their most challenging questions.

Is your product for Stay At Home mothers who want to be able to fit into the jeans they bought two years ago? Do the same.

Offer them some quick 5 minute exercises that will give them instant gratification.


Setting up your Website

Your website should be able to do 3 things well.
  • Give value(offer a solution)
  • Capture leads
  • Sell a product


To do this you need to set up the following:

  1. Domain name and hosting e.g. Site5 or BlueHost
  2. Website platform e.g. WordPress. Most online entrepreneurs use WordPress because it is quick and easy to set up. The themes are also fairly cheap. (I started making money online with a free theme before I even considered paying for one. A lot of people obsess over domain names and themes for too long. Pick a theme that is optimized for delivering value, capturing emails and selling products. That’s all you need to start.)


A High Converting Website

Contrary to popular belief, the beauty of your site is not directly related to your sales. A high converting website needs these 4 main types of pages.


  • Opt in Page

This is the page you send traffic to in order to get their email addresses. You need highly targeted email addresses to populate your list.

  • Sales Page (Sales letter, Sales video)

This is the page or blog post or video people watch before they click a “Buy Now” button.

  • Order Page


  • Content Page

Examples are Thank you pages, Launch videos, Articles/Blog posts, Webinars etc.



Creating Your Webpages

Go ahead create these now. Or follow this link to get access to step by step instructions.

About page: To describe your offering and who you are. The About page is the most visited page for many websites so make it succinct but remarkable. Tell the visitor what benefits they will get now that they are on your site.

Blog: A place to offer at least 5 pieces of highly beneficial content. Create 5 YouTube videos or 5 blog posts and upload them here.


Quick Solution Carrot (free report, guide, mini course, free coaching call etc.): I like to think of this the trailer to a good movie.

This is a free piece of content that you will offer to your visitors in exchange for their name and email address. In internet marketing, the money comes from building a relationship with your list. If you have a list of 10 people who trust you and buy a $100 course from you each month, that is $1,000 in extra income. In a world of over 6 billion people, I believe you can get at least 10 people each month to buy from you if you practice the strategies I’m about to teach you.


Depending on how much value you want to provide you can sell more than one product. You can sell your own products and bundle them with affiliate products.


For example you could have an EBook ($27), 4 hour Video Course + workbook ($297), Coaching call $120 an hour and a monthly Membership program $37/m (where you share weekly or monthly videos with your audience. This product mix is $481. If you make 20 sales a month on this mix that becomes $9.620 in extra monthly income. That equals $115,440.

You do not have to use the product mix above but I wanted you to see the potential of starting an online business.

My recommendation is to start small. Create a 50 page EBook or 3 hour Video course and start selling today.


Optin Form (Sign Up form)

This is a form that allows you to capture leads. One of the greatest mistakes I made starting out was concentrating on the design of my site instead of the Lead generation. Pop over, side bar and inline forms have been found to be highly converting. Aweber, Getresponse and Infusionsoft are email management platforms that provide an optin form.


Email Auto responder

Ever entered your email into a form and received a follow up email in a few seconds? That is what an auto responder does. It is a way to send out scheduled emails to your list.

I would caution that you try not to abuse this. The more personal and relevant your communication is, the more trust you will build with your list.

Auto responders are for automating your value delivery not spamming.

Payment Platform

Gumroad, PayPal, Stripe, Wishlist Member, KajabiNext and Clickbank are platforms that allow you to take payments online. For a simple EBook or course you can start with Gumroad since it’s free to sign up.

Contact Us

Your contact details.


Congratulations. You have a fully functioning online side business.



I know you are probably wondering how you are going to drive traffic to your site.

These are 2 cheap and proven ways to drive high converting traffic to your site are:

Guest posts:

When you create a lot of guest posts on other blogs, search engines perceive that your site is important and rank you better. More importantly, some of the visitors of those guest blogs will see your content and join your list.

Authority and Destination sites:

These are sites visited by hundreds of thousands and in some cases, millions of people daily. Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Forbes, Quora and Reddit are examples. Create a list of 50 sites that you will contact to have your content featured. Even a simple mention on an authority site can give you 1,000 new sign ups a day. If 50% of that number converts into sales for a $370 course, that is $185,000.

NB: Online advertising is also highly effective if you are taught how to do it right.




A Word Before You Go

Thank you for reading this presentation.

This presentation was created to help you become the dominant force in your industry.

Please share with someone you know would find it useful.

And with that said, may blessings continue to move your business forward.


Jeffrey Manu



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