influence jeffrey manu growing startup unfair advantageDear friend ,

What if I showed you how to earn the respect of your peers, influence over your market and a consistent stream of profits…

That kind of insight is might just give you the power to say yes to that new home improvement, Yes to that new car and it may just help you to become independent of nagging investors.

Would you use that insight to grow your business?

Or would you be content with moving at the same slow pace as everyone else?

I know what it’s like to work in both B2C  and B2B(enterprise)
After all, marketing is part persuasion and part analytics.

What I’d like to share with you is how to grow a startup fast.

  • You can either grow a startup by;
  • Attracting more high value customers/users
  • Increasing the transaction size
  • Increasing retention by getting them to buy more often

Why am I doing this?

I have found that when you start a relationship by giving, it builds trust.

Secondly, this is one of the best ways I’ve found in meeting the right clients and students.

What helped me was that I followed these steps

1 Identify high value, high paying users.

2 Only do the most productive activities to help them.

3 Attract more of them with an automated lead generation, conversion and retention system.

This is the exact sales sequence that took me from struggling startup founder to respected Direct Response Marketing Strategist

1 Create a lead magnet that demonstrates value.

2 Deploy an offer that takes away risk and promises more value.

3 Close the sale by using mental triggers to convert the prospect.

These Are The 3 Main Traffic Sources I Use

1 Leverage via joint ventures, collaborations and affiliates

2 High Impact Appearances, speaking engagements and workshops

3 Highly Targeted Low Cost Advertising campaigns

I have found SEO to be slower but it’s definitely useful.

Why I Am Sharing My Secrets

I built my first IOS app in 2008 with zero capital and today I am blessed to be able to charge fees of $50,000.

I know a lot of startup founders who are working all the time, losing sleep, precious family time and have little to show for their labor.
I hope my story will do two things.

First, it will not only inspire but give you a step by step road map to finally living the life you dream of.

Secondly, whenever I share my story, I attract clients and students who want me to help them achieve the same results. At the end of this presentation I’ll offer you a chance to do the same.

Strategies For Growing A Startup Fast

Step 1: Define The Market You Can Create The Most Value In

First, identify who you wants and is willing to pay for your product

Who is willing and able to pay for my product?

Is your ideal customer a female corporate banker who lives 30 miles away from her office? Is she actively looking for a way to automate her payroll?  Is she frustrated with her bookkeeper?

Second, decide on what your message, positioning and differentiation will be.

This is about defining what you do, but also what sets you apart from other similar startups and demonstrates that you know that ideal user better than them.

Who are you to your user? The mobile eCommerce option? Are you the safer option? The cheapest? The one who delivers in 3 days?

Third, Find a way to distribute your message and product.

Some businesses use social media to get their message to their customers. When you watch a video on YouTube or Netflix, the owner of the video used YouTube or your local TV network as their media distributor.

Other businesses use traditional retail outlets and physical media such as billboards, flyers and brochures. When you buy food using from Seamless or Postmates, the distribution channel could either be the Internet via an app, website or over the phone.

Some startups use physical media with QR codes or their websites printed on them.

The most profitable businesses are geniuses at using multiple distribution channels effectively.

What forms of distribution will give your customer easy access to your message and products?

Remember the process is always; market segmentation, positioning and distribution respectively.

Step 2: Grow The Startup With Strategy

If you increase the number of users, the number of things that each of them buys, and get them to make purchases more often, your growth will be exponential.

The below equations demonstrate this:

Let’s set the following values:

Price of product: $100
Number of customers: 100
Number of times each user pays you in a year: 1

$100 per product x 100 users x 1 = $10,000  per year.

Now let’s increase the price and customers by just 20%, and turn a single-purchase customer into one who buys something twice a year: each of them.

$120 per product x 120 users x 2 purchases per year = $28,800 a year.

Notice how your revenue more than doubled in a year.

Let’s assume you are ambitious and you find a way to raise every value.

$300 per product x 30,000 users x 2 purchases per year = $18,000,000

Do you see how quickly you got to a million dollars?

Do this calculation using your business as an example.

Step 3: Get New Customers And Increase Revenue Using These Tactics

First, Risk Reversal Offers. We have found out that businesses that use Freemium, free trials or use-before-you-buy models usually get a lot of early traction.

Secondly, our research has shown that customers buy more from businesses that they feel they know a lot about.

The lesson here is to educate the customer on what the benefits of your product or service are. Unfortunately too many businesses talk more about when they were established and how many branches they have instead of educating their prospects.

Here are 10 Ways To Increase Revenue And Grow A startup

1 Increasing revenue by increasing your prices

Many founders are afraid of increasing their prices just because they don’t know if it will work.

Think about it.

Do you think Steve Jobs asked for public permission before releasing the Iphone at  $499?

Today you can get an Iphone 7 at $649 and even $769.

You can A/B test to find out which price point works best for the value you are providing.

2 Increase your conversion rate

The word every founder loves to talk about is traffic.

Many do not realize that you can have 1 million unique visitors or downloads and still be broke.

What many founders forget is that may of the news articles they read are not writing by entrepreneurs

What is more important than likes and shares is actual conversions or sales.

You can increase your conversion rate by educating your users more on the benefits of using your product.

You can demonstrate the benefits(not the features)

Tweak your opt-in pages, landing pages and copy to see what people respond to.

Test. Test Test.

3 Get more targeted leads

People say the more leads you get the better.

That is a BIG lie.

The more targeted your leads are, the better.

In my experience, most founders can’t even tell you who their ideal user is. The trap is wanting everyone to download your app and only getting 3% conversion.

Many startups have gotten funded, been featured in Techcrunch and still failed.

If you have to pay more for a high quality lead, DO IT.

4 Change your business model

Just because you have an app, a website or a hardware product does not mean you have to copy the same business model as every one else.

Part of the reason Dell become a billion dollar business and Tesla is making waves is because they both did not choose the conventional business models.

Consider subscription, Advertising, inio-products, events, affiliate offers and consulting as supplementary or complementary to your current model.

5 Sell more stuff

One way to grow your startup is to sell more stuff to your users.

You can either sell a premium package or just add more high value features and charge for them.

Facebook has become increasingly useful because businesses find more ways to use the service to reach their audience.

Keep in mind however that people pay for results so don’t just create features for the sake of it.

6 Offer Value Added Affiliate Options

Depending on where you live, when you buy a house, you get offered deals for a gardener, swimming pool, insurance and other value added services.

This will work for almost any industry.

If your startup offers project management software, your users may also require a CRM, Email Auto-Responder or Payroll Management services.

Contact other startups and create a profit share agreement where you offer each other’s services to your users.

6 Set up recurring payments, subscriptions and membership packages.

Sass and Media startups have found this a great way to grow their revenue.

Is there a premium package you can provide for a fixed fee every month?

7  Attract Sponsorship And Advertising

There is definitely a sponsor or business that would like to have access to your list of users.

You can set up a joint venture partnership with sponsors in exchange for money, traffic or other resources.

Consider business models such as reselling and licensing as well.


Probably the most overlooked way to grow a startup is through content that educates and demonstrates value.

Think about it. The more people know about a business, the more confident they are as to whether to buy or not.

Having blogs, videos and an effective content marketing strategy is necessary.

Even more important than that is to automate the entire process so you don’t have to work all the time to make money.

This is my invitation to you

I’ll share one of the campaigns that I would give you if you were paying me $50,000 a day as a client or $2,500 a day at one of our workshops.

Thank you for reading.


Jeffrey Manu


I encourage you to copy and paste my approach and let me know what results you get.

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