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The Ultimate Startup Growth Strategy Guide

ulimate startup growth strategy


In 1972 when Bobby Fischer was playing Spassky, he used an opening from the 1800s called The Scotch Game to become World Champion. Everyone gasped because most Americans were using openings and styles that the Russians already knew how to defeat.

One of the reasons it was difficult to beat Bobby Fischer lay in his phronesis.
I’ll explain in a bit but first, a personal example.¬†

“Your business will not grow bigger than your mind.”
A successful doctor and entrepreneur who I now consider to be a  mentor said that at a STEM workshop I had organized for local teenagers a few years ago.

To be honest, those words bothered me for months.
Surely, there had to be more to business success than behavior.

You see at the time I was a year into my startup but I wasn’t making the money or progress I desired.
On social and in the eyes of the world I should have been content…BUT I was not.
I was attending conferences, reading business books, sleeping 4 hours at night and taking a power nap at 4 p.m.
Very soon I could work 18 hour days and not even feel the effect.

Where was I missing it?

Why did it feel like a merry-go-round?
I was like that guy who is always in the gym but only loses 2 pounds.
Or the site that has millions of visitors but can’t monetize more than an iota of the traffic. Continue Reading…