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Imagine you’re on vacation in Santorini with your best friend.

You’ve been walking for a while so you sit down at a cafe to grab a bite to eat.

Before you order, the waiter mentions that the chef would like you to taste his world class salad and his award winning pastries.
You of course oblige and you are served hot and delicious pastries with the most mouthwatering salad you have ever tasted.

Each bite feels like a medley of all kinds of heavenly juices as you take each bite.

The portions are small since this was just a sample so you eat slowly to savor each bite. When you are done, the waiter brings you some fresh juice as well as a little box that smells like fresh muffins.

He proceeds to tell you that it’s a gift from the chef and that he is ready to take your order.
He also mentions that with your order you can get a discount on any cold drink.

You quickly find what you are looking for on the menu and place your order.

The food is hot. The textures play with your taste buds and you lick your lips to make sure none of the flavor escapes.

When the bill comes you are more than happy to pay but something surprising happens.
The chef comes out and thanks you for eating. He also asks for your address so he can send you a gift on your birthday regardless of your location in the world at the time.

Would you give your home address to this stranger who just gave you the greatest culinary experience of your life?

Many of us would.

As a customer would you not pay more for an experience like that?

This post was not just to make you salivate and think about that long overdue vacation.

I wanted to show you how easy it is to get repeat customers.
I also wanted to show you what a good funnel looks like.

1. Value and results in advance
What happened in the story above is simple and can be done in your business.
First you offer free value that the prospective client desires even if they don’t ask for it.
You start by giving your best so that people can have a “taste” of what it would be like to do business with you.
Blogs, brochures, a great website, an explainer video, a free report and a free consultation are all examples of how to do this.
The principle here is to give your client results in advance before they even pay you.
I know of a consultant that sends prospective clients over $5,000 worth of free and actionable material even before he starts working with them. His reasoning is that over the lifetime of the relation he will make at least five times that amount in fees and services.

2. Continuous Value
Why did the chef personally come out and offer you a free gift in exchange for your home address?
In this scenario, many people will not even ask what the gift is because they trust the chef by now.

What many entrepreneurs do not know is that providing continuous value creates a compounding sense of trust in people.

As simple as this is, many people do not intentionally have a system to continuously offer value and follow up after a client purchase.

There is a Mexican restaurant I have visited at least 3 times in the last 4 months but the owner never asked for my email address until I taught him this simple principle. (Maybe I should have asked for some free churros as my consulting fee)

3. The follow up
After someone buys from you, there should be a followup system in place. This is not just so you can upsell the client. This is to provide more value and to keep building trust.

Trust is built by education.

The more we think we know about someone or a business, the easier it is for us to buy from them.(on the assumption that we like their product)


Giving results in advance whets a prospect’s appetite for your product. Always find a way to give results in advance by either offering a sample, free trial, consultation, demonstration or education.

For businesses that can’t afford to offer results in advance, content such as photos and videos work well. The fashion industry has been using this approach for decades.

You can also offer someone else’s product as a free trial.

Secondly, make sure you keep offering continuous value to build trust during the whole transaction phase. Ever been at an event or sat in a lecture that looked promising but you later found out it was horrible? Maybe you even wanted to leave immediately but you had to wait for some reason? You don’t want to give your clients such an experience when working with you.

Lastly, studies have shown that many businesses sometimes make up to four times the money they made on the initial sale by having a great follow up system.

P.S I would like to help more people start and grow businesses. Fill out the information on this private link to the best of your ability and I will reach out shortly.

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