Welcome to Growing Startup.

The app is a growth marketing tool used by startup founders to get their first 10,000 paying customers.

The app was created by Ghanaian born entrepreneur and business growth consultant, Jeffrey Manu after he moved to Silicon Valley.

He created GrowingStartup because he realized that while more startups were getting built and funded, most clients came to him because they didn’t know how to attract a steady flow of paying customers.

The company’s mission is to democratize the best parts about growing a sustainable business for entrepreneurs who don’t have access to major tech hubs like Silicon Valley.

We are helping entrepreneurs all over the world get the freedom, market leadership and prosperity they desire.

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Jeffrey Manu. Founder of Growingstartup.com

Founder Bio

I’m sure you’d like to know a little bit about how Growing Startup came into being.
My name is Jeffrey Manu, I’m an entrepreneur and I grew up in Accra but I currently reside in Silicon Valley.
I wrote my first line of code at 13 in Qbasic.

Sadly, I had no examples of tech entrepreneurs or programmers to emulate in my environment.
By God’s grace I got to study Computer Science in college.

That’s when my life turned in an unexpected direction.
I found out I wasn’t really good at code but I loved business and marketing.
My friends and I built a company that launched one of Africa’s first IOS apps.
Unfortunately we did not understand how to monetize our ideas so it failed.

After other failed attempts at growing businesses I decided enough was enough. 
I spent at least 6 to 10 hours a day studying the masters of marketing, growth, advertising and internet marketing.
i created online courses, ecommerce stores, membership programs and perfected my craft.

In the meantime I worked one on one with successful businesses to help them increase sales and conversions.
It was around that time that I got married and moved to the United States.
We initially lived in Connecticut but it wasn’t long before I convinced my lovely wife to move to Silicon Valley so I could
help other startup founders grow with the funnels and campaigns I’d perfected.

We were both unemployed and had never been to California but we had faith.
About a year after moving here I started Manu Equity and built GrowingStartup; a mobile business growth system for digital marketers and online entrepreneurs. 

I built this app because I wanted to help other founders by giving them a step by step roadmap for attracting customers and growing a startup.
It’s been a thrilling so far as we help thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

My simple message to you is to never give up.
I started without knowing or having much and yet today I’ve become known as an authority on startup growth and behavior based campaigns. 
No obstacle could stop me and no hindrance could delay me.
If I could become a success, so can you.

Jeffrey Manu
Founder, Growing Startup


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