The Fruit Test For Getting Your Products Mainstream Adoption

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Fruit tastings are interesting. It amazes me how many different kinds of fruit God has put on this earth.

It’s also interesting to hear why people like or dislike certain fruits.

The answers are many times irrational….


I have noticed a consistent theme for getting fruits mainstream adoption.

Here is how to think about this.

Ideas are seeds.

Acting on them is creating fruit or wealth.

The more appealing and fulfilling the fruits are, the more people want to taste or pay for them. Most importantly, they must be easy to harvest.

When you start a business, make sure everything about it including the products, website, culture etc are both appealing and fulfilling.

Let’s discuss this briefly.

Appeal and Desirability

Think of the products or services you have paid the most for. They appealed to your tastes and that made them desirable.

Now look at your products and ask yourself if they pass that same test for your customers.

Better still, call some of your customers and ask them if they find what you sell both appealing and desirable. Ask them what exactly they find appealing and how you can make it more desirable.

Fulfilling fruit

Ever watched a movie or attended a conference that was a complete waste of your time?

It probably appealed to you enough to pay for the movie or commute to the conference but it did not fulfill your expectations and desires.

Many people confuse fulfilling with useful. A product can be useful but it may not fulfill the customer’s need.

The solution for this is to find out exactly what your customers would define as a fulfilling experience and work to meet or even exceed that expectation.

Harvesting and Distribution

It is our job as entrepreneurs to remove as many steps as we can between our products and our customers.

The easier it is to pay and receive a product, the more mainstream it becomes.



After using the fruit test, you may need to create an entirely new product to replace what you currently have.

Apply this test to your messaging, hiring and other facets of your business.

I go into greater detail in this podcast. Subscribe and enjoy.

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