Leadership by productivity and results-not age, titles or seniority

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When you hear people say “our leaders” do you think of yourself or someone in government or senior management at your company?
For some reason, young people hardly see themselves as leaders.
The idea of leadership always seems to refer to an old person.

Here’s another definition of a leader and it’s the one most people don’t know.

Gartner says over 80% of smartphone users have an Android phone.
That means only about 20% of people use an IOS(Apple) powered smartphone.
Interestingly, Apple captured over 79% of the profits in the smartphone market.

Both businesses are leading their field not in titles or age. 
They are leading with tangible productivity and results.

The leading player on a team doesn’t have to be the captain.
He just has to score more than everyone else on the team.

This is why asking for a raise just based on how long you’ve been in a company isn’t a smart move.
A smart CEO will consider productivity and results before age when selecting senior management.
If a younger person can deliver the goods, that person is promoted while older employees are left disgruntled.
We’ll talk about how to hire and promote in a later letter.

How do I become the leader in my profession/industry/community?
By simply being the most valuable, productive and indispensable person in that field.
Tactically, it’s by becoming an effective manager of your energy, resources, time and emotions. 

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