How To Get People To Buy Without Selling To Them

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how to sell without selling plant image in someone mind

By the time you get to the end of this post, you would have learnt how to plant images in someone’s mind without forcing them to buy or even convincing them.

You will learn how to influence your ideal client to buy without selling overtly.

All I ask is that you use this technique of pre-supposition ethically.

Getting prospective clients to buy is both an art and a science. Increasing sales is part influence and part metrics. Take that as a working definition of marketing.

Marketing is the ability to attract buying customers using influence and metrics.

To influence someone to buy from you, the person has to think they are making the decision independent of your marketing or pitch.

No one likes to admit that the marketing works on them but their bank balance and the rising profits of successful companies says otherwise.

Pre-supposition is a way to influence someone by taking them further down the path to purchase before they make a conscious decision to commit.

Here is an example:
After we sign the papers, we will ship the goods in the next 24 hours. When you open the box, you will also receive our complimentary gift for all our high paying clients. This gift also comes with a lovely rose gold watch that we will take the liberty to engrave with any name of your choice. Would you like it shipped to your home or office?

Notice what we did there?
Notice we weren’t pushy or sale-sy?

Reading that would make you assume the client in question has already agreed to buying whatever we are selling. That is pre-supposition.

Let’s break down the pitch.

1. After we sign the papers-this makes the assumption that the client has already decided to sign the papers. We innocently plant it in their minds that they will sign the papers.

2. When you open the box, you will also receive –this line does two things. First it pre-supposes that the client is going to receive a box and open it. Secondly, it plants an image of them already receiving and opening a box. They can already see themselves receiving something.

Words are images hidden in letter form so use them tactfully and you can download images into a prospects mind very easily.

3.Our high paying clients–We called this person a high paying client before they even purchased anything. This is what I call Image Amplification. I will teach you more about this in an upcoming post.

This technique is used by the military and in political campaigns. When you tell someone they are something that they are willing to become, their minds start considering the possibility that they are who you say they are.

Notice we didn’t’ say “when you become a high paying client”. We already told them that they were a high paying client.

4. Any name of your choice. Would you like it shipped to your home or office?—The words “your choice” and “shipped to your home or office” are the coup de grace.
The former is a powerful way to make the decision personal. Everyone wants to feel in control of a buying decision so those words make it seem like they are the once who are in control of this decision.

The latter question now allows the prospect to decide whether this thing he has bought mentally should come to his home or office address?

See how simple it is to influence someone with pre-supposition?

Go back to the first sentence of this post and notice what I did there.

I planted an image in your mind pre-supposing that you were going to read this to the end and that you were going to learn something. Sneaky…I know…forgive me 🙂

Remember that this works best when you already know what the desires and end result of your prospect are.

Go ahead and use this technique and let me know if it works for you.

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