Thinking Differently Versus Thinking Different Thoughts

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thinking differently versus thinking diff thoughts

The client was in the financial services sector.

I answered to the CEO of the company that had been given the contract and after what seemed like hours, we both realized the solution required more than creating awareness.

The problem was that there was no system to capture and qualify leads on the client’s website.

Even if they received a million visitors a day, they had no system to qualify which of those people were a good fit for their business.

Now here is the other problem…

The project was defined as an Awareness project so any suggestions I made about systems and fixing the client’s website seemed “out of scope”.

The person who hired me had other ideas. He had different thoughts but he wasn’t thinking to think differently.

They would have to invest in a system to generate leads on their website.

Some of the best ideas come from thinking differently.

Are you asking what the difference is?

Thinking differently starts with a clean slate and asks “what do we need to achieve here?”

“If money, resources, bureaucracy, time, other people etc were not constraints, what solution would we come up with?”

Thinking different is what turns a simple web app into the biggest media company in the world.

It’s what turns helps an ad agency come with up effective solutions that requires no media spend.

In fact the individual who thinks differently meets a wall and says “everyone is trying to climb it…I’d rather fly over it.”

This individual knows the customer is looking to be fulfilled.

She understands that the customer wants to know what’s going on in her world and if she can get that info from the Explore section of Instagram or Snapchat then so be it.

She knows thinking differently is not the same as thinking different thoughts.

What does your business need to do for your customers that would require thinking differently?

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