How to pick the right books…and finish them

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How to pick the right books

Do you know people who have read a lot but have nothing to show for their knowledge?

Growing up we were told to read widely. Not many people were told to read well. This is partly the reason a lot of readers do not know how to prioritize their reading. Friends tell me all the time that they have stacks of books they have barely read and yet they are still buying more. If you don’t know how to pick the right books or how to finish your reading list before you get tempted to grab another book, this is for you.

In today’s podcast I talk about how to be a strategic reader versus a tactical reader.

#1 Strategic readers have developed an internal heuristic for picking and reading books. Tactical readers read whatever is new or available at the time.

#2 Strategic readers understand that words are pictures. They understand that a man can only go where he can see. This understanding causes strategic readers to pick books that will give them a desirable outcome.

#3 Strategic readers understand that value is more important than the number of pages in a book. They look out for the value in a book and put the book down when they have found what is useful to them. Tactical readers get to page 30, realize the book is useless but will still force themselves to read the rest so they feel they have accomplished something.

#4 Strategic readers only read authors who have thoroughly researched their material or are speaking about the results they have obtained. Tactical readers will read anything just so they can brag that they are well read. The truth however is that the best kind of reading is reading that develops the mind and produces results. The right reading material also helps the reader to become relevant to people they are sent to serve. For example I heard a lot of mean things said about people like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. Critics called them the robber barons. After I read their books I realized these were men who changed the lives of millions of people. Their impact affected the prosperity of entire nations for centuries. The critics were mostly unenlightened people with an opinion. Another tip on picking the right book is to remember that just because someone is successful in business does not mean they can give you advice for general living. Many people have money but are poor mentally. They may have a successful business and be terrible parents or even be beating their spouses. Remember to take the meat and leave the bones.


Pick books that will help you become who you desire to be. You may not be the CEO of a billion dollar empire yet but reading books about John D. Rockefeller, J.P Morgan, Henry Ford and other business titans will give you the heuristics that will help you get there. Words are containers of value. When you read or hear a person who has more than you currently have long enough, you will see the same mental images as they do. Very soon you will start making decisions like them.

After I read David Oyedepo’s Success Systems“, my financial ceiling was shattered. I saw that anyone who will dare to believe God could receive a billion dollars in a day regardless of where they lived. I now know that I should not blame doubters for their words. Their minds are groping around in the dark for things some of us see too clearly. I took the images from the mouths of people who had the results I desired and started living them. This is the reason I love reading the Bible so much. Taking God’s images and living them makes you a god over circumstances. For example, seeing that Joshua could stop the sun and that Solomon had such wisdom that he could multiply wealth changed everything for me and my business.

I also saw that people like Paul and Abraham had no consciousness of limits. This is the reason I have no fears in life. There is nothing I cannot do and nothing I cannot have. All of this came from words.

Your life is an accumulation of the words you have heard and spoken.

Why not strategically build a mental bank account of the right words?

What tips do you have for picking the right reading material?

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