How To Get People Who Matter To Value Your Opinion

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Before we begin, let me share a story from a man I respect deeply.
“It then happened for the third time before my wife stopped talking me into going again. She allowed me to make my decision. I had had enough. I went home and got busy. I neither called the bishop during this my period of total hands-on-ministry, nor went to see him again. I simply bought all his books, and a thousand tapes of the bishop. I read the books till they became a part of me. I listened to the tapes at home, in the office, and when I’m driving. I soaked myself in the work of the ministry. We started many projects in our church, including setting up schools, orphanages, and the Daystar Leadership Academy. I didn’t bother to call nor try fixing another appointment with his PAs.

Six months later, we met at the domestic wing of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, and you should have seen the look of surprise and happiness at the same time on the bishop’s face.

“This my son. Where on earth have you been?” Did you travel to Mars?” He hugged me so tight as if his life depended on it. He was all smiles. He started asking me questions about how ministry has been going, and I answered excitedly, with all the clarity he wanted.

We found a seat in the lounge and talked for about 30 minutes; because the flight was delayed by 30 minutes. He kept asking questions and I kept talking.

The next day, the bishop called me. He called me again after three days. From then on, seeing him became less cumbersome. That was how I became a regular keynote speaker at the Covenant University Special Programmes on Character Development and National Transformation. .

1. Deep calls unto deep. Men of destiny, men of purpose, men who are busy and occupied with their primary assignment on the earth can easily recognize themselves across a hall when they meet.

2. All things being equal, busy people love busy people. Busy people rarely love to associate with, or accommodate people who slow down their momentum.

3. So whenever you find yourself complaining about an apparent lack of attention from a busy person, the solution is to just go and get busy with your life and assignment.

First of all, discover your specific assignment, your niche, and grow in your influence. Get busy!

This is because recognizing each other when you’re both at the top is far easier and effortless than recognizing each other at the crowded ground level. The high decibel of noise and purposeless activity of the crowd at the ground level, comprising of people of all sort of character and orientation will never allow that to happen.
“—Sam Adeyemi.

From the story above, you will notice that even though God was on his side, he still participated by adding value to himself and those around him. He developed himself spiritually, mentally and economically.

I am reminded of this verse by King Solomon,
“And I said, “Wisdom is better than strength, but the wisdom of the poor man is despised, and his words are not heard. Ecclesiates 9:16”

A people who are not economically developed can be treated as slaves regardless of the nation they are in.
I have a few colleagues who work in public policy in Africa but many of them do work of little impact. Someone else makes the decisions while they type out stuff qnd fly to meetings. It is important to aim high enough to be at the decision-making table.

Get the Word of God in you and let Him guide you. Don’t just show up and work 16 hour days and think you will make a difference in the world. Make sure you contribute more value to the organization than anyone in your paygrade(whatever that means).

If you are an entrepreneur, provide so much value that your clients will think your rates are too low for what you give them. They will brag about you to others.

Value that is recognized will attract money like a magnet. Value that is recognized will make you a decision maker. Till then your impact will be negligible and your voice will only go as far as the ears of a social media audience with no real power.

Give too much value and you will get that paper. You will be a bigger blessing to the world.

This is a lesson on how to get people to value your opinion. Now go out there and show your value.
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