How To Get Paid More Than Anyone Else In Your Industry

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For about 3 years I kept hearing of a gentleman who was highly developed in his skills. Many people have never heard of him but in the last two weeks I came across some information that when an Arab firm wanted to invest over $300 million in a business in his nation, the aforementioned gentleman was called to help broker the deal. This was impressive because the firm could have hired an international consultant and paid him the same amount but there was no need to. They found someone as highly developed in his craft as anyone else in the world.

I love everything about this message by Pastor Christ Oyakhilome but more importantly it is very essential that entrepreneurs understand the power of continuous personal development. One day your old skills will not be adequate to command the highest prices because you won’t be providing the highest value.

Remember, as I always say “Value that is developed, promoted and delivered to those who appreciate it, will be paid for.” Any other kind of value is just a gimmick.

The wisdom for getting paid more than anyone in your industry is this: become highly developed.
Being highly qualified means you know all there is to know about your craft. Being highly developed is to be the one who can produce the greatest results in that field of endeavor. The most highly developed people are the most sought after.

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