How To Determine Your Results Before Working

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determine results before working


Roger Bannister’s story is popular. For over a decade no human had been recorded to run a mile faster than 4:01. Medical reports even said it was impossible for a human to break that world record. Roger Bannister made history when he broke the record in 1954. It is said that within 14 months, 37 other runners did the same. Why did it become so easy for others to do the same after Roger Bannister?

What many do not know is that apart from Roger Bannister’s physical and scientific training, he had a secret weapon. It is said that he consistently visualized himself breaking that record even when he was not training. What I suspect is that he broke that record weeks before he ever got into that race.

Why is this important?

Many people measure success by the hours they work or by them showing up at work. Instead of measuring their success by the results achieved, they measure by the work done. The right metric is the metric that shows progress.

The reason I tell this story is to show you how to do this in business.

Let me explain how to use this strategy in your business.

After a pitch, a client said he had to speak with his board and that they would get back to me about a contract I had bid for. I told a friend that we already had the contract and that they would pay us the amount we had asked for. He wondered how I was so confident about this. What I did not share with him was that I had already determined the result before I left home that day. I was not going to pitch and then later find out the result. I programmed it for myself hours before the meeting.

I determined my results before working.

Before I explain how or why I did this, let me remind you of a story. In the book of Genesis, we see that God tells Abraham that He has made him “a father of many nations”. At the time, Abraham did not even have a child. He was barren and so was his wife. How does a man over 90 years old expect a child? The answer is faith.

Faith starts with the answer and the activity follows. Many people start with the activity and hope for the answer. The right way is to copy people like Gideon, David and Jesus who got their results before the activity. Gideon said he was going to be victorious in battle before he got to the battlefield. David told Goliath of the massacre he was going to orchestrate even before he threw the stone. Jesus could never be at a disadvantage. He always had his answer by faith before he did anything.

Faith is starting with the answer not the activity. Kenneth E Hagin has a brilliant book on this.
As an entrepreneur it’s important to do everything by faith. First you determine what result you want and then you choose the activities that will bring that result closer. The key here is to maintain to yourself that you already have it regardless of what circumstances and problems arise.


Finally it is not enough to see the answer. You have to say it and work towards it. There is a lot that has been said about thinking your way to success but there are varying results. The missing piece of the puzzle for many people is saying it as well. As David Oyedepo says “what is too big for your mouth, will be too big for your hand. To paraphrase, “if you are too scared to say what you believe, you will never have what you desire.”

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