How the words you speak do more harm to your business than you know

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The things that can kill a business are not all external. It is also not a secret that the words we speak affect our lives either positively or negatively. What surprises me is how often businesspeople don’t see the connection between what they say and what they experience in life.

I don’t get the chance to speak to taxi drivers often but when I do I always test them by asking about their work and personal life. Some say all is well while others see this as a perfect opportunity to complain about the economy, the president, legislation or other taxi drivers. Adam blamed Eve for his sin so man has adopted the habit of blaming others for his lot in life. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Regardless of their answer I use it as a chance to teach them about how the Bible says in Mark 11:23 that you can have what you say. If you keep speaking lack and defeat instead of success and victory, you will have exactly what you say. The taxi driver from the other day was my most negative yet. He wanted a pity party but I refused the invitation. I’ve realized that because of lack of knowledge and understanding, some people do not expect the best in life. When you hang around people of faith for a while you forget that there are many who do not know these simple truths. I always teach taxi drivers to confess the right things about their business. By the time I’m done with my personal testimonies they are more than willing to receive Christ and many actually give me their phone number. At this point I either minister healing to them or pray for a family member.

I’m sure it would be more difficult for these drivers to listen to me if they thought I was poor or sick. People like to listen to you when you have proof. Many people would never listen to a celebrity if they were poor.
Thank God for prosperity. Thank God for confessions. Thank God for the Word of God. Thank God for tangible proof.

Have you experienced any changes in life that were determined by what you said or did not say?

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