What I learnt about dressing well and making money.

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In college many of my mates were overly concerned about getting the right connections, references and investing in their appearance in order to get the right jobs and to get into the right meetings. Some people even dated certain girls because it would get them closer to the daddy or his world. After starting my first business I was invited to the home of a millionaire. I was obviously impressed and made him a customized tshirt because that is what my connection to him advised. Secondly I was running a tshirt company so I brought the fruit of my labour. That meeting was of no benefit to either myself or the millionaire at the time. I had no big plan that would merit his time or investment and my business was not providing enough value to be worth his time.

Is there any way to dress well and increase your income at the same time?

Truly successful people who say their clothes have made them more money usually do not tell the whole story. They forget to mention that they have some value underneath the clothes. Many of these people are either really good at some skill or are running a business that creates value. We should always remember to focus more on what value you can provide than what you can wear. It seems simple enough but many are busy looking for connections instead of increasing their knowledge and skill so even after they meet the “right” person.
Looking back I would say that I was even better dressed than that millionaire that day but he had more value to provide than I did.

Are there any other insights to dressing well?

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