1. The Perfect Startup Sales Funnel Template

2. GrowingStartup Podcast

Practical wisdom for ambitious entrepreneurs

To get started, you need to know 3 main things:

  1. How to find and attract the right customers
  2. The most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website
  3. How to convert traffic into sales and profits

Marketing and Sales are part psychology and part math so this site addresses both.

  1. Most Read Posts This Month

    Startup growth master kit


How to get your first 1000 customers go here

How to do “real life” product placement  go here

How to grow a startup without outside investors go here

How to increase sales and repeat customers at a barbershop go here

How to get paying clients to chase you go here

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Services go here

2. Thinking Bigger

Mental Development for High Achievers

Using influence and persuasion to get buyers read here

How to get people who matter to respect you.

How Todd Combs Read His Way Into A Job With Warren Buffett read here

How to identify the right business partners

How to tell stories that increase sales

Exponential growth at the speed of light read here

Building trust in your marketplace read here

3. Books

How to read a 300 page book in 2 hours…without speed reading read here

Bloomberg By Bloomberg book review

The Man From Zara book review

Made In America:Sam Walton book review

Signposts on the road to success book review

NEW BOOK: How to become the dominant force in your industry by Jeffrey Manu

dominant force jeffrey manu

Get it here

This book shows you how to do 6 things. 

1 How to identify and attract high paying clients

2 How to create marketing and sales systems that multiply revenue

3 How to multiply your profits using sales funnels

4 How to increase your respect and influence in your industry using psychological triggers

5 How to turn your Marketing and Advertising into profits

6 How to use faith and wisdom to grow a profitable business


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