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When missionaries go into a village, they take with them medicine, clothing, books, food and whatever the people in that community need.

Many times in a matter of months, the locals accept the missionaries as one of their own and some even name their children after them. Really effective missionaries can minister to over 5000 people in just a few weeks.

Many times these missionaries get more acceptance even though they require a translator to communicate than some of the local groups and even the government of that community.

How do they achieve so much?

It has to do with the mindset.

Missionaries go into a community with the intention of helping as many people as possible before they leave. Many times they know they have only a few months before they are transferred onto their next assignment so they do everything possible to create a monopoly of goodness in that neighbourhood.

If they have medical supplies, they make sure they visit hundreds and sometimes thousands of homes many times on foot to deliver the drugs. Their goal is to make sure every need is met in that neighborhood.

This is is mindset of a successful entrepreneur.

To meet every need and desire we are uniquely equipped to supply.

What is the Monopoly Of Goodness?

Business is an exchange of value. You give value to the market and it pays back in kind or cash or whatever you asked for.

It is deciding to be the biggest value provider in your market. It may not mean having the most clients at first since not all clients may be the ideal fit.

It does not necessarily mean having more products or features than every one else.

It does mean however that among those who are a perfect product/market fit, your business is the highest provider of value to them.

To those clients, there is no one who cares more about them than you do and they will vouch for you and endorse you to everyone who will listen.


Decide to own your market by using the Monopoly Of Goodness strategy.

Figure out what the market size is and decide to take ownership of all those who need your products and services.

Value demonstrated is the way to win.

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