Two secrets that multiply your freedom and profits

influence jeffrey manu growing startup unfair advantageDear friend,

In all my years of business I have found out two interesting things that have become the foundation for this site.


Very few of us know how to identify the best prospects, how to attract, convert and keep them happy so you can increase your income. 


The most elusive skill in life and business is the ability to FOCUS on the few things that will produce the greatest results. 

Why is this so?

Do you know your business really is just a reflection of your mindset?

Your business will never go beyond the size of your vision.

Most entrepreneurs do too many things because they don’t have a strategic foundation for their business.

They do business by trial and error….copying the next shiny traffic magnet…following dozens of newsletters and visiting every conference in hopes of getting to the next level.

Even when it comes to books; you don’t need to read every business book. 

You only need to read the right ones.

Activity is not equal to results. 

The same way traffic doesn’t guarantee conversion. 

If you want the power of influence…

The ability to engineer plans that will multiply profits at will…

and respect you desire, you have come to the right place.

Of course business isn’t just about money.

The hidden benefits are freedom, impact, flexibility and the ability to leave a legacy for your family.

It’s about having the freedom to do what excites us…the flexibility to travel and spend time with our families.

It’s living life on our own schedule.

That’s what we want.

What’s in it for you

My gift to you for visiting this site is this.

I will send you a free challenge.

This challenge will first help you determine if you already have the influence, wealth and respect you deserve in your field.

Secondly I will show you how to do the following:

  1. How to identify your highest value customer base and highest growth activities
  2. How to create an offer that attracts the right kind of client
  3. How to convert that prospect into a client who will do business with you over and over again

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