Five Psychological Triggers To Help You Influence Your Customers

Monday, August 22, 2016 Permalink

What do people want?
1 Results with little or no work
2 To be told what to do
3 Convenience, Speed and Ease

Human behavior to be conscious of

1 Its emotionally unacceptable for people to blame themselves. It’s usually someone or something else’s fault like the government, their past, their employees, their industry or that no one else does things this way.

2 They are selfish and always looking out for benefits and self-preservation. Eg First thought is what’s in it for me

3 Fear makes them care about what others think of them. Many would act differently if they could be themselves or do something without anyone ever finding out. It’s partly the reason why bold entrepreneur succeed without adding any extra skill. Eg Celebs and all high profile scandals either lie to deceive or to save face, investors have fear of missing out

4 It’s difficult for them to go somewhere they haven’t seen themselves go or someone else.

5 Many people are driven by insufficiency. Eg The “I’ve got to have that to be complete syndrome” that makes people buy things they don’t need and compare themselves to people they see online or in the media.

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