A cure for entrepreneur procrastination

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True story-On her fortieth birthday, Anita goes to her pastor for counsel.

Anita-Pastor I have always wanted to become a nurse but I never had the money to pay for school until now.

Pastor-Praise God that the money has come. What is stopping you now?

Anita-well…hmm.. you see, I just turned 40. By the time I’m done with the course I’ll be 44 years old. 4 years is a long time.

Pastor smiles and wonders if he should scold her…but he restrains himself.

Pastor-Anita, if you don’t take the course, how old will you be in 4 years?

Anita- 44

Pastor- You can either turn 44 with a Nursing degree or 44 without one. Which would you prefer?

Lesson-many people focus on the price they have to pay or how long something will take to accomplish.
What’s more important is the prize and return on investment.

I always ask my students and clients:
Where will you be in 4 years?

What price do you have to pay for your startup to grow 10x in the next 3 years?

What can you invest in today that will make you 10 times better in the next 12 months?

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