How to use emotion coupled with logic to attract the right clients

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Many experts agree that both emotion and logic can be used to attract paying customers.
The problem is no one really teaches you how to do it.

Depending on that you’re offering, your client may skew in either direction.

For example, higher priced purchases sometimes need a logical justification because the client will have to explain it to his wife.

Your job as a marketer to provide him with both an emotional reason and a logical one.

When I run an Internet Marketing business, some of the first courses I ever sold were to people who had full time jobs but wanted to start a side business.

My research showed that my ideal customer(let’s call him Sam) was a male between the ages of 35 to 42.

Sam had at least 7 years of work experience, was married with kids and made between $30,000 to $48,000 a year.

He was tired of living someone else’s dream and wished he could contribute more.

Sam also wanted flexibility and freedom.

Lastly, he wanted to make enough money so he could quit his job and live a more fulfilling life.

I deduced that Sam’s greatest desires are-

  • 1 Freedom
  • 2 Wealth
  • 3 Contribution

Freedom to do whatever he wanted.

Wealth so he could live in comfort without having to worry about money.

Contribution so that he could turn his ideas into profits and to be appreciated by people around him.

If you take a closer look, out of the three desires, only one of them had to do with material things.

His other two drivers were emotional.

This is the same with your prospects.

They may want food as their physical desire but their emotional desire is satisfaction.

They may want a ride as their physical desire for transportation but their emotional desire may be to save time or to impress their neighbors.

If you are selling a house, make sure you know if they are looking for a home big enough for their children or if they want one just to have a place to stay.

Smart business owners know how to use the physical desire as the bait and the emotional desire as their back up.

There is a marketing proverb that says “People don’t buy because they understand you. They buy because they feel understood.”

My customers emotional desires are……

My customers physical desires are ……

What are the emotional and logical desires of your clients?

I use this same framework today with my high fee clients and students at

The way to use this to attract the right customers is to first identify both of the principal reasons for which people buy.

Secondly, appeal to those reasons in your copy, your content strategy and your Advertising.
For example, Nike’s Just Do It mantra is great partly because it preaches action to athletic people who either already think that way or want to.

Any other mental triggers that you have found success with, please share in the comments below.