You don’t need an award for doing your job.

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award foe doing your job

I heard a gentleman brag yesterday about how shared coupon codes or free gift cards from his startup after an event he attended. He went on to mention how he is not shy and that he believes startups should take every opportunity they get to promote the business.

After finding out that this gentleman is the VP of Marketing I shook my head. Since when does the VP of Marketing deserve praise for doing his job? What’s the point of being head of Marketing if you’re not working to grow the business at every turn?

It’s similar to entrepreneurs who brag about their late nights and how hard they had to work to get to where they are.

I question the motives of such people because I wonder who else they expected to put in the work?

Someone said “Marketing is not a department. It is something every employee does either intentionally or not. Hopefully it should be on purpose. “

Startup founders must make their team understand that everyone’s second job is to push the business forward. Just like a sports team, every member’s goal should be the growth of the business.

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