Creating A Strategic Outcome For Your Life And Business

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What really matters?

Let me share a personal story.

When I started freelancing as a brand consultant(I don’t anymore. I’ll talk about my Business Growth consulting firm later), I had not ultimate result in mind. I saw a need for startups to get the same level of service as big corporations do so I got a team together, registered a business and we soon had over 30 clients from all over the globe. Many times we had more work than we could handle. We did all this without an office or fancy stationery. In fact for a long time we did not even have a website but we made it happen. Glory be to God, the accolades, international press, speaking engagements and money flowed in.

Sounds good right? NOT!!

All I just described is activity not the results of a strategic entrepreneur. All these activities “happened” to us. We did not “make” them. Let me explain. A strategic entrepreneur would have set an ultimate result that says “we are going to be the number one Branding and Design firm in Africa in 4 years, with a digital studio and publishing house.” Our goal at the time was just to get clients. When we were not increasing our billings, we created a website, did some PR, pitched for contracts and even considered Advertising. Sound like your company? Those are just activities not a strategic outcome.

Getting clients is activity, becoming a leader in Branding and Design is an outcome, an ultimate result, a vision to achieve. Look at your current strategy and take out the verbs. Is it an activity or is it still an outcome?

Conversation between friends:

“OP: He spent a lot of time in the library. He rarely spoke to anyone or touched his phone when he was in there and yet he failed to pass the exam.
DOF: Who cares about traffic, we are talking about results.”

This happens often, people are impressed by activity. They accord too much significance to the hours spent at a task, how much money has been raised, how many people joined the protest or how many books have been read. I am sure activity has some merit but without results, the activity means very little. In my consulting practice I meet a lot of people who brag about how many employees they have, how much funding they have raised or how long the business has been in operation. Young startup founders lie about how many people are on their team and how long they have been in operation because it is sometimes “cooler” to say you have more employees than you do and work 7 days a week. This is nonsense unless that is the ultimate result or outcome you set out to achieve. Wisdom teaches us that not all things hold the same value. Not all thoughts that come into your mind deserve to be considered or acted upon. Thoughts die unborn when they are not acted upon.

Will that networking session help you achieve your strategic outcome of becoming the leader service provider in your field? Will that magazine cover bring you the strategic outcome of $100,000 this year? Or would pitching the top 3 prospects in your city bring that result? Always ask the question “will this activity give me the strategic outcome or result I desire?

This is one reason managers cannot stand it when their employees work from home. “After all I am paying her, why should she stay home. “The real question should be “will the result be achieved at the end of the day or not?”
Does it matter more where she gets the work done?

Have you set a strategic outcome for your life and business yet? I will share more in the next post about the most effective way the highest performers in any field set their strategic outcomes.

Book Recommendation:
1. Signposts On The Road To Success by E. W Kenyon. Buy Signposts On The Road To Successhere
Read my review on it here

2. Success Systems by David Oyedepo. Buy it Success Systemshere

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