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What I will do for you-

  1. Show you how to multiply your revenue with Marketing Strategy and Business Growth Systems-without stress and even with fewer clients.
  2. Help you identify who your perfect customers are
  3. Create offers that attract new clients, retain existing ones and convert prospects.
  4. Help you build a content strategy and a multi-step sales funnel.
  5. Turn your Marketing and Advertising into profits.

Want to work with me?

My ideal client is an entrepreneur who sells premium products and services.

These are Entrepreneurs and Marketers who are in the Consulting and Professional services industry.

Types of businesses include Accounting firms, Marketing Agencies, Sass Startups and Private Health practices.

Clients pay me to build campaigns and promotions for them. They pay me a fixed amount and royalties on the profits of the campaign.

Secondly, I hold monthly workshops for coaches, consultants and professional service providers such as Accountants, Lawyers, Sass Startup founder, Technology Consultants and Doctors.

The perfect fit for my expertise is a business owner who has the following-

Finished product that you have already tried to sell: I can’t help you if you don’t already have a finished product that is made and distributed ethically. No alcohol, guns, drugs, gambling or porn.

Goodwill: A business owner who is loved by his market is best. I’m not a turn around artist.

High Ticket, High Profit Service or Product: If your average customer value is $3,000 and above, please reach out. Most of my compensation will be tied to how much money we make together so I’ll be of more help if you sell a high ticket, high profit product or service.

A Coach-able Mindset: Adults don’t need babysitting and I don’t own any bibs so my clients are learners and execute quickly. There will be no sitting in your office for strategic meetings with your team. This is a one on one relationship where we setup the strategies together and you execute. (In my experience, serious business owners don’t have time to waste. )

An Existing Prospect/Customer List of 100,000+: If you don’t have a list and can make a case for me to help you build one, please add that when you reach out.

Love:Business is about providing value and loving both your team and customers. My clients are people who genuinely love what they do.

Willing To Advertise: If you are willing to advertise and spend money to grow your business, we will make a lot of money together.


If you fit all of the above qualifiers, my fee starts at $50,000 for setting up your lead generation, conversion and retention systems. In addition, I will setup your content strategy, promotions and campaigns.



I give my best value when I speak with people who describe themselves as Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Professional Services Providers.

It’s pretty rare for me to do unpaid speaking gigs but if you can convince me, please email.

P.S If you are a Church, I have a special spot for helping Christian Entrepreneurs.

Looking forward to building empires together.


Jeffrey Manu


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