Startup Growth Guide

You’ve started your business, now how do you make sure that you get get paying customers? Watch the video, share and comment.

How GrowingStartup got started and the failures before our success

Let me tell you a story about two businesses I started that failed and how I would do things differently. As you read, you will see which pitfalls to avoid. In my first business, we created one [...]

Leadership by productivity and results-not age, titles or seniority

When you hear people say “our leaders” do you think of yourself or someone in government or senior management at your company? For some reason, young people hardly see themselves as [...]

Principles stay the same but application varies.

There’s a popular book by an American real estate billionaire. A few years ago a friend told me he didn’t like the book because you couldn’t apply the principles to Ghana or [...]

How to find and attract the right customers

Dear ambitious startup founder, Please allow me to help you move from where you are today to where you ought to be. Some of this may seem very obvious. Unfortunately early stage startup founders [...]

Four top sources of targeted traffic for early stage startups

You know who your ideal customer is and you’ve created your irresistibly attractive offer. It’s time to get some traffic. There are a million tactics but we’re going to deal with the [...]

How to translate emotion and psychology into engineering and product design

In a Newsweek article May 18, 1998: Chief Design Officer at Apple, Jony Ive talks about how to translate emotion into design: “The iMac revolved not around chip speed or market share but squishy [...]

Four simple steps to increase profits by selling more to existing customers

In college I sold used cellphones. Back in those days there was always someone who wanted to sell and someone who wanted to trade up or buy a used phone. My profit on each sale was usually [...]

The Ultimate Startup Growth Strategy Guide

In 1972 when Bobby Fischer was playing Spassky, he used an opening from the 1800s called The Scotch Game to become World Champion. Everyone gasped because most Americans were using openings and [...]

Wisdom vs Knowledge:How to bulletproof your business from failure

  Wisdom vs Knowledge:How to bulletproof your business from failure According to E.W Kenyon; “Only about three percent of the men who go into business for themselves succeed…Only [...]

How To Grow A Startup With No Money

These are five strategies I have used to grow a startup without outside investors or venture capital. You should not let the lack of financial capital stop you from starting or growing your [...]

Three things you can do to improve your business today

You can improve your business today with these 3 steps 1 Change who you sell to 2 Change what you sell 3 Automate your lead generation, conversion and retention systems Thanks for watching. [...]