The objective of this 3 step cash campaign is to make you money, earn you respect and make you look good in the eyes of your customers.

You can use this campaign in 2 ways.

1 You can use it to engineer a discount campaign of your existing products.

You are saying to your client; “Thank you for being a client/subscriber, here is a discount and some bonuses as my sign of gratitude.”

2 You can use it to offer more products at a special price for a limited time with bonuses.

In this scenario, you are saying “Thank you for being a subscriber/client. Here are some products/services that usually cost more together but you can get all of them at this special price.”)

You can use this swipe file for free and you won’t regret.

Just copy, adapt it to your business and paste.


You can either convert this to video, audio or keep it in it’s format as text.

This content should be sent out every day, three days in a row.



Subject : “THANK YOU SO MUCH, {client’s name}”

(When you use Thank you in a subject line it gets the recipient’s attention. It also makes her wonder what she did to deserve it.)
Dear {client’s name},
You can get my (product) for (discount eg.30% off).

The deadline is (Insert Date)
You can get my special offer to you at (Link here).

Why am I doing this?
It’s my special way of saying Thank you to you you and all faithful clients.
Go ahead and get yours today and save (discount) here (Link here)

There’s MORE

I’m giving you the discount plus free bonuses (state number of bonuses)

Here are the free bonuses you get if you visit (Link here) before (Deadline)
* Bonus 1: Product A(this could be an information product, service or physical product)
* Bonus 2:  Product B(this could be an information product, service or physical product)
* Bonus 3:  Product C(this could be an information product, service or physical product)

Amazing Value!!

You are getting a lot of FREE stuff by simply taking advantage of this offer

Remember this is only available till (Deadline)

Claim this offer right now by going here (insert LINK)

Thank you
(Your Name)
P.S. This amazing  (Discount) ends on (DEADLINE)

If you’d like to get these (PRODUCTS and BONUSES) at this great offer,

click here(LINK)


Email #2. Send this the next day.
Subject: (Client Name), Don’t Miss Out!
Yesterday I shared with you an amazing offer as my way of saying Thank you for being a client.

I wanted to make sure that you were able to read the email.
You still have until (INSERT DATE ) to get (DISCOUNT + BONUSES)

Here’s where you can claim this incredible offer  (INSERT LINK)

I’m doing this and giving 3 amazing bonuses to people like you because I’m grateful.

* Bonus 1:
* Bonus 2:
* Bonus 3:
That’s a lot of great stuff … and you get it all FREE when you claim your offer at


Thank you,

p. S. This special deal ends (DEADLINE)
Email #3. Send this on the third day.
Subject: Thank you again. This is the Last Day To Get It

Hi ,
The special deal I sent ends at (DEADLINE)

Here’s the link (INSERT LINK)
This rare offer is my special of saying ‘THANK YOU’ for taking
action by being a customer.

Click here (INSERT LINK) to take advantage of this now before the (DEADLINE)

The bonuses alone are worth getting it now.


Thank you again,

(Your Name)
P. s. This special (DISCOUNT/OFFER) ends today at (DEADLINE).

I’m glad I was able to offer this to you.



You’re probably thinking this is too easy. You’re right.

It’s because it’s so simple that it works.

You are basically increasing your goodwill and your income at the same time.

Use this. Copy and adapt it.

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