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This is a real and proven campaign that will show you how to increase your sales,


show you how to automated your profit generation consistently.

Would you like me to show you a custom marketing campaign?

 You run a business that makes at least 6 to 7 figures a year in revenue but you would like an automated marketing system that does the following

  1. Generates leads consistently and turns them into recurring month on month profits
  2. Increases your significance in your marketplace and spreads word of mouth without spending a fortune
  3. Gives you more time to be creative in your business without working every single hour of the day.

You are reading here because you want greater freedom, contribution, significance and flexibility–with increased profits.

The 3 main ways to grow a business are

1. Increase the number of clients

2. Increase the amount of money each client pays per transaction

3. Increase the number of times a client comes back to buy from you.(Repeat customers)

Many businesses in your industry are concentrating on the number 1 and are probably struggling with getting it right.

NO need to fear or worry!!!

I will show you how to increase the size of transaction and get repeat customers systematically.

Before you contact me… let me know show you some simple strategies you can use to increase your sales, multiply repeat clients and increase word of mouth.

Strategy 1-Increase sales

A dentist was having a slow month and wanted to get more sales without spending too much.

He put out an Ad and offered teeth whitening, xrays and a consultation for $150.

Here’s the catch…his offer said “If you are not pleased with our service, we will refund the entire amount. No questions asked.”

This dentist received so many leads, he was overwhelmed.

Why did this work?

It’s called risk reversal.

In your business today, it is likely that you are putting all or most of the risk on the client.

When you pro-actively say that you will take the risk even before you offer exceptional service, it creates 3 thoughts in the client’s mind.

Thought 1

This business must be very sure of their quality or they would not be offering such a deal.

Thought 2

This business must be one of integrity if they are willing to take the risk upfront.

The most important thought is,

” I should at least try them. I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.”

You see how easy this is?

Here is another bonus strategy you can use today to INCREASE PROFITS AND MULTIPLY WORD OF MOUTH in your industry.

Strategy 2

We call this the Referral System because it is an automated and cheap way to grow a business

Let me teach you how to do it for free!

Write down the names and phone numbers of 3 clients that you have served in the last 4 months.

These must be clients that you are sure will remember the excellent service you provided.

Here is the script you will use, assuming your business sells furniture.

“Hi Mary, my team and I wanted to reach out to you today because two months ago we sold you a set of high quality conference tables. We were talking about how pleasant it was to deal with you and we would love to do business with other clients of your caliber. Clients who appreciate exceptional service and quality products.

Can you share the names of 2 to 3 business owners you know who would love to receive an offer from us? We promise to exceed their expectations as usual.

Thank you and have a great day. “

Simple isn’t it.

I personally have never been refused this simple request.

In fact, what is likely to happen is that the client will offer more referrals than you asked for.

Sidenote: You an also ask for an introduction. I have even seen business owners ask for the opportunity to present their offerings to another business’ clients.

How to make this a system

The way to make this is a system is to automate it on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you are going to use the referral system, you can start by using the first Tuesday of the month to reach out to 50 to 100 clients as a test.

Track results to see how many of them convert and how much money you make.

You may be wondering why I am giving away all this free consulting.

Am I going to ask you to give me money or get into hyper-sales mode?

No. Not really.

The truth of the matter is I can’t help everyone and even if I wanted to, I prefer to work with clients who fit a certain criteria.

The clients I can help the most are

1. Business owners, consultants, coaches, bloggers, experts, online entrepreneurs that offer a high quality product or service. I can also help service businesses/entrepreneurs such as carpet cleaners, dental offices, medical practitioners, writers, speakers, chiropractors etc.  (Sorry, no solely retail businesses should apply unless they run an online business.)

2. Business owners who are willing to work at least 8 hours a week on growing their business.

3. Business owners who have at least $500,000 in yearly revenue

4. Business owners who are willing to advertise and have a list of at least 20,000 people

5. Business that do not sell anything considered harmful such as guns, drugs, alcohol and pornography.

That’s about it.

So here’s the deal… If I can help you, I will. And If I can’t, I’ll still help you. I’ll give you my honest feedback and tell you exactly what I would do if I were running your business.

How much will this cost?

Thanks for asking.

My offer to you, if I decide to take you on as a client i;

I will license my proprietary Marketing and Sales Automation system to you for one campaign.

This is a fully customized campaign tailored to your business.

This will include a straight to the point marketing funnel, automated sequence, lead generation model and content that converts into sales.

We will speak via Skype or phone and I will personally walk you through each step even if you are not computer savvy.

Here is how I price my services

I charge a small upfront retainer to basically just cover my costs and then all of the rest of my fee is generated out of a percentage of the profits of the campaign.

The great news for you is that you stand to make a lot of money and unlike  paying $100,000 to an Advertising agency, you get a smaller upfront fee and it’s more or less performance based compensation.

This fee is fully 100% refundable and guaranteed.

If after our first conversation, you feel I will not be able to help you, I will refund the entire amount, no questions asked and you can keep all the material I share with you and use it as you please.

My mission here is to help serious business owners who want growth.

After filling the form below, I will review and do some research on your business.

If we can work together, I will schedule a call. If not, I will let you know of other alternatives.

Email the following to

  1. Your full name
  2. The name of your business
  3. How many people you have on your list(people you can email or mail a physical letter to.”
  4. How much revenue did you make last year?
  5. What is your biggest marketing challenge at the moment and what kind of help are you looking for??


P.S remember to try out the strategies I shared above and email me at to let me know your results.


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