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Make your brain work. It will sweat, but make it work. It will improve. It will develop until you become a wonder to those around you

.—E.W Kenyon

Nearly every bookshop and library has a section for books on personal development and success. Many of them are laden with tips, tricks, keys and steps to being successful. Everyone wants to be successful so there is a lot of advice on the topic. I personally have not found a book that has more absolute advice on success than the Bible so that is my default manual. However there are a few writers who have distilled that information into bitesized chunks. E. W Kenyon was one of them.

I bought Kenyon’s book Signposts On The Road To SuccessSignposts On The Road To Success a few years ago but a friend borrowed it and never returned it. The book kept calling me so I got myself another copy. I guess there was truth to the words at the conclusion where Kenyon says

“In each page you’ll find me hiding,
I’ll be living when I’m dead,
I’ll be firing your ambition
When these living words are read.”

Now that is a quote worth framing!

This book will teach you
1. How to find out what gifts you possess
2. How to develop your gifts
3. How to be responsible
4. How to be the leader in your field
5. How Love plays a role in a man’s ambitions
6. The power of confession and saying the right words
7. How to live a life without worry
8. Diligence, Determination and Sacrifice.

“We have been taught politically to hate the people who have been successful in life, that if a man has gained a position of affluence, he must be bad.
That is wrong.
Men like Henry Ford have climbed to the place they occupy by sheer efficiency and downright honesty.
Class hatred is an unfortunate thing.
It does not belong in a democracy. It does not belong anywhere.
Why should I hate the man who is smarter than I am, and who has achieved more than I have?
I should honor him and thank God that there are men of that kind.
Class hatred robs a nation of its efficiency; it robs men of the pleasure and joy of fellowshipping and working with each other “

I personally read this book at least once a year. If you want motivation and insights on how to be more fulfilled in your calling, this is a short 121 page book. If you do not know what to do with your life, read this book.

Below I will share some of my favorite quotes by E.W Kenyon

“As I study men and women, I am convinced of this: There are very few who have developed to the limit the possibilities within them. There is no over-development. Many people are in the wrong place in life. They have no gift for the thing they are trying to do. They are doing it simply to get by.”
“There is room and a salary waiting for the man who has ability and is willing to put hard work into it. Choose your work, rather than have the work in which you have no interest thrust upon you. Find out what you can do, what you like best to do.”

Reading this book the third time made me very conscious of my mandate. I feel very responsible for the economic development of entrepreneurs and nations. E.W Kenyon added some fire to my caboose and reminded me to be responsible in all my actions. It even affected my reading. For example, I find it very difficult to read for leisure now. Even if someone recommends a book, if it won’t help me to be a bigger blessing to my world and the people I am called to serve, I usually shelf it.

“I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what your handicaps are. They have never made a handicap that could hold any man down who had in him the yeast to rise.”
“Most of the people who are at the bottom are at the bottom because they will to stay there. That is where they belong. It is a hard thing to say, but it is true. I am now what I willed to be through all these years.

“The first thing to do is to find out what you want. Set your eyes on the goal. Then fight for it. There must be an objective. When you find that objective, set your compass and sail for that star”

I have noticed that indecisiveness is one of the biggest problems of this generation. A lot of people do not know what direction to go, what job to take, whether they should date this person or not et cetera. Kenyon explains how to find out which direction to be facing and how to go at it with all the resources the Lord has given you.

“I said, “I will tell you what your trouble is the way it appears to me. You have the wrong slant on life. You have talked about your failing, your difficulties until they have become a mental disease. I venture to say that the last man of whom you sought to find employment read you like a book and said, ‘I don’t want that man in my crew. He is a chronic fault finder.You have had so much trouble that you have eaten it, slept with it, dreamed it, until it oozes out of you. He said, “I know it, but how can I overcome it? It is the easiest thing in the world to overcome. Solomon’s solution was to, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon thine own understanding. In other words, go into partnership with God where you cannot fail. But that is religion. There is no religion about this. You are dead wrong. Religion is a man-made thing. This is a God-made thing. This is common sense to link up with God. You take Jesus Christ as your Savior and you confess Him as your Lord. The moment you do you receive God’s life and ability, and you cannot fail. If you will walk with Him you can no more fail than Jesus failed.” “But Jesus failed on the cross, didn’t He? Yes, but it was the greatest victory which came out of that failure that has ever been known. That was divine strategy. He will make you a conqueror if you walk with Him.”

“Let’s be careful of the words we use.
Don’t tell that story you heard the other day about this man or that woman.
Don’t let any other ears be poisoned as your ears have been poisoned with it.
Never repeat scandal. Never repeat the calamity things.
Let others do the talking about that.
You keep your lips for beautiful things,
helpful things, comforting things.
That is your job. “

The Bible and Kenneth E Hagin taught me the importance of saying the right things. Words are literally and vitally containers of whatever we put in them. Your life will go no further than the quality of your words.

“Everywhere big business is hunting for competent help.
Many mediocre men fill places of importance because no one can be found who is really fitted for the job.
It is surprising how difficult it is to find even a good stenographer, to find someone who can take charge of a department and make it a success, to find someone who will take a vital interest in the work and put it over.”
“Almost every man and woman is a “time server.”
His ambition is to get his wages with as little work as possible.
The new mental attitude is to get, without giving.
You cannot be a success and do that.
The good old days of honest labor seem to be but a dream today.
The road that leads to a good bank account is an uphill road and most of us have to build the road ourselves.
The hitch-hikers are filling the road today. They want someone else’s car to ride in. They want someone to buy the gas. They want someone to pay the taxes and give them free passage.
Are you a mental hitch-hiker?
Are you a mental hobo? Or are you one of the fellows who pay the taxes, build the roads and bear the burdens.”

“If you are a success, you will have to bear the burdens.
You will have to pay the taxes for a hundred other people.
The easy way is to hobo it.
It is the way of least resistance.
I believe a fellow can get used to going on short rations, wearing old clothes, and sleeping in the jungle; but as for me, I am going to go to the top.
I am sending out this invitation for the rest of you to come with me. “

“I sold to people who had no music in them. I sold to them because of the excessive, burning desire in my heart to make them happy.
That is the thing which sells.
Settle it in your own mind. Is the thing you are selling worth while?
If it is not, then get something that is.
If you are selling insurance, bonds, autos, or groceries, know this: If your entire ambition is simply to get the money out of it, you will fail. But if you are giving them something that is going to be a blessing, and you are enthusiastic over it, you will be a success. “

My notes are mostly personal when it comes to this book so the quotes would have to suffice.
Do yourself a favor and buy this book Signposts On The Road To SuccessHERE today. You will not regret it. It has become mandatory reading in our business.

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