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I have invited you to try the Growth Levers & Mental Triggers system so that you will see that:

The most consistent way to increase profits and market-share is to use leverage and mental triggers in your marketing.

These are the same campaigns, strategies and promotions we charge $6,000 for 2 day workshops at’s Focused Growth workshops.

What’s in it for you?

Easy things you can do to improve your business today

  1. Qualify better by targeting the highest value clients
  2. Convert better by creating offers that are laced with mental triggers
  3. Automate lead generation, conversion and retention
  4. Follow up with customers and prospects based on their behavior in your funnel
  5. Integrate all your products into a self replenishing system

High Leverage Lead Generation -What are the most reliable traffic sources?

  1. Joint ventures and Affiliates with a high upside
  2. Targeted Advertising laced with mental triggers
  3. High leverage appearances via PR, Speaking engagements or Podcasts
  4. Automated Referral Systems

Which client is the highest value?

The best customer is one who has a proven recent history of purchasing a product similar to yours.

That kind of customer is driven, willing and has proven that they can afford your products.

8 Ways To Increase Revenue as well as Sales

I’ll show you how which business model, pricing strategy and promotion activities actually make money.

Having traffic without conversions is a waste of time.

It’s like being popular and broke.

You will also see:

How Do You Convert Your Visitors, Prospects and People who haven’t bought in a long while?

First, you already know that Marketing is part psychology and part analytics.

This book will show you how to use mental triggers such as reciprocity, social proof, leveraged association, celebrity endorsements, bonuses and much more to turn prospects into buyers.

Second, engineer sales sequences that offer up-sells, cross sells, affiliate offers, multi level planned promotions and self replenishing content strategies.

I even show how I went from $500 customer lifetime value to $50,000 CLV in less than 12 months. 

Why these systems work better than what your competitor’s are doing?

Most people in your market are just copying what others are doing.

There is also too much information out there.

Most people don’t know how to use psychology and systems to turn a profit.

This is for you if…

You prefer ADVANCED training and plug-and-play methods you can do today.

You are probably already doing too many things at once.

Your time is precious and it should be invested.

You already have a business with customers that want what you sell.

You want to attend our Focused Growth $6,000 workshop but want a taste of this first.

You should not get this book if…

You haven’t already noticed that I’ve already shared OVER 8 STRATEGIES you can apply today.

You don’t already have a product.

You don’t spend money on Advertising.

Like I said before, this is for the pros. This is very advanced training for high level entrepreneurs.

My Bold Year Long Guarantee

If you read this far, bought the book, applied it and don’t get $10,000 worth of value in the next 12 months….please email me and you will get a full refund.

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