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This is the leading site for entrepreneurs who want to attract high paying clients and grow a profitable business..

You will come to know:

1 How to create massive value and get people to pay you for it. 

2 How to become the dominant force in your industry

Your business is a direct reflection of your mindset.

I can bet that you are doing a lot of things that are wasting your time and resources.

If you ever feel overwhelmed with the process getting your business in order…

If you ever feel like you are not getting the right customer or that you are doing too much for too little…

If you feel like your customers aren’t responding to your Marketing and Advertising like they should…

You should be getting more respect than you currently have…

What you will get

1 How to grow a startup using the most effective lead generation, conversion, retention and business growth strategies

2 How to identify high value clients who pay above everyone else

3 How to attract the right clients and create offers that will turn your Marketing and Advertising costs into profit

4 How to convert traffic into sales–and repeat sales

5 How to make your business profitable

6 Which business model is right for you at this stage of your business


I’m going to share with you how I started, my challenges and share the secrets to my success.

I’ll also offer you something unique during this presentation.

My story starts in Ghana.

I was born and raised there for most of my life.

My journey to fortune includes selling Valentine’s day cards and cellphones in high school to-

  • selling sunglasses door to door on the streets of England at 17
  • starting and growing a T shirt printing business and Artisan Management firm in Ghana
  • building one of Africa’s first IOS apps in 2008
  • selling handmade shoes
  • running a branding and design firm
  • teaching a STEM workshop for African youth
  • running a Consulting and Professional services firm in Silicon Valley
  • building the world’s first mobile strategy game for Entrepreneurs

Working All The Time, With Little To Show For It- And Not Enjoying Life

This is for you if you know your business could grow faster if only you knew what to do.

This is also my story on how my professional services business

is able to charge up to $50,000 a day per client.

We literally went from charging $500 a month to $15,000 a month

and then $50,000 a day in less than 14 months.

No new offices. No fancy letterheads. No new website.

The only thing that changed was my perspective-and I’ll walk you through how to grow your business 

In telling my story, I’m going to make a strong case for why focus, faith and wisdom should be important to you.

Before we begin, here are the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my career

1 Choosing the wrong clients

2 Charging the wrong price

3 Not knowing how to create a good offer and closing the sale

The good news is that I’ll teach you how I turned my business around in 10 months. 

My biggest secrets are-

  1. Faith- I literally moved from charging $500 to $50,000 by believing that I could do it and then I acted on that belief. It will surprise you that the top 10 percent of successful entrepreneurs and business owners in this world aren’t necessarily smarter. Success stands behind the door of boldness.
  2. Choosing the right customer.
  3. Giving customers more value than they paid for.

It’s that simple.

I haven’t met a single struggling business owner who has a strategic vision and a plan to get there.

Most people focus on traffic tactics, promotional gimmicks and generally copying anything they can see someone else doing.

All of the above have merit but without a strategic system, you will likely retire from your busy working life knowing you could have achieved more.

Here are some answers to the questions I get asked often:

Q1-What is the biggest cause of slow growth for business owners?

Overwhelm and a lack of focus.

Most business owners are doing too many things at the same time and not focusing on what will produce the highest upside and leverage.

Q2 What are the simple solutions for busy entrepreneurs?

You can cure overwhelm with these simple steps.

(Interestingly both the Harvard Business Review and the Stanford News Service have spent a lot of time researching this.)

Step 1 You have to understand where you are now.

Write down how much money your business has brought you in the last 12 months.

Step 2 I’d like you to calculate what your rudimentary expenses are.

For eg. house payments, children, gas, cars etc.

Successful businesses bring in at least 8 times whatever the monthly expenses are.

At least. Anything else is unacceptable.

Step 3 Where do you want to be?

Hypothetically let’s say you made $2.5m after taxes last year.

In the next 2 years you want to double that figure to $5m.

Step 4 What will it cost you to get there?

This is where you do an appraisal of what your highest growth drivers are.

The wise thing to do next is to double down on those drivers

and optimize them so that you reap more than what you spend in Marketing and Advertising.

If you were not satisfied after this short exercise,

it means you are probably not the dominant force or celebrated authority in your field.

This is where I usually educated the person on our Dominant Entrepreneur program.

Q3-What do you do?

I set up campaigns and promotions for entrepreneurs who sell premium products and services.

I’m the founder of Growingstartup.com; a media and technology company focused on helping entrepreneurs grow businesses.

Q4-How do you make money?

Clients pay me to build campaigns and promotions for them.

They pay me a fixed amount plus royalties on the profits of the campaign.

Secondly, I hold monthly workshops for entrepreneurs who are in the consulting business or involved in high-consultative selling at high fees or transaction sizes, (such as real estate, investments, financial advisory services, software etc.)….

Or are in the business/life/sales coaching business (such as coaching/mastermind groups, practice management, etc.)…

Q4b  What has driven your business’ growth?

These 3 pillars were and are still the greatest drivers of my growth

1 Identify and attract high value, high paying clients.

2 Only do the most productive activities to help them.

3 Convert more of them with an automated Content Marketing system.

Q5- What does your sales sequence look like?

This is the exact sales sequence that took me from

struggling business owner to respected authority.

1 Create a lead magnet that demonstrates value.

2 Deploy an offer that takes away risk and promises more value.

3 Close the sale by using mental triggers to convert the prospect.

Q6- What are the 3 main traffic sources you use?

1 Leverage via joint ventures, collaborations and affiliates

2 High Impact Appearances, speaking engagements and workshops

3 Highly Targeted Advertising campaigns

Q7- What is your best advice when it comes to pricing?

Your price should always be a discount of the value you are selling.

For example, my fee starts at $50,000 because I can help

a successful business owner make $500,000.

Q8- What books do you recommend for growing a business?

  • Titan by Ron Chernow
  • The Bible (from the Book of Acts to Hebrews)
  • Success Systems by David Oyedepo
  • Signposts On The Road To Success by E.W Kenyon
  • Made In America by Sam Walton



Worked 12 hours a day as a door to door salesman on the streets of London at 17…

Is married to the most AMAZING woman in the world…

  • Loves reading biographies…
  • Teaches at a Bible Study ….
  • Has never been able to stand and touch his toes..
  • Has worked, partnered and started businesses in Technology, Advertising, Branding, Fashion..
  • Led the product development of one of Africa’s first IOS apps in 2008
  • Can teach you how to read a 300 page book in 2 hours
  • Is now one of the leading authorities mental triggers and copy to attract customers and increase profits.
  • Is an advisor to Christian business owners
  • AND believes love is the best business strategy.
Here’s What You Should Do Next:

Visit this FREE Training page. Watch and read some of the articles on my site.

Implement them in your business and let me know what happens.

Got a question?  jeff@growingstartup.com

Thanks for reading and God bless you in all your endeavors.

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