Leadership by productivity and results-not age, titles or seniority

When you hear people say “our leaders” do you think of yourself or someone in government or senior management at your company? For some reason, young people hardly see themselves as [...]

Principles stay the same but application varies.

There’s a popular book by an American real estate billionaire. A few years ago a friend told me he didn’t like the book because you couldn’t apply the principles to Ghana or [...]

How to find and attract the right customers

Dear ambitious startup founder, Please allow me to help you move from where you are today to where you ought to be. Some of this may seem very obvious. Unfortunately early stage startup founders [...]

Four top sources of targeted traffic for early stage startups

You know who your ideal customer is and you’ve created your irresistibly attractive offer. It’s time to get some traffic. There are a million tactics but we’re going to deal with the [...]