A cure for entrepreneur procrastination

True story-On her fortieth birthday, Anita goes to her pastor for counsel. Anita-Pastor I have always wanted to become a nurse but I never had the money to pay for school until now. Pastor-Praise [...]

Do you like your customers?

It’s rare for many businesses to follow up with a customer after a transaction. The few who do, do it once in a while or poorly. To my surprise, I heard a report that said many business [...]

Study when your customers are sleeping, sell when they are awake

I heard a preacher say “Don’t use all of the night for sleeping. Use some of it to read.” That stuck with me. Reading good books is fast way to results even before you [...]

Giving Results Before Making The Sale

Car dealerships offer test drives because they have found out that after driving a new car, the mind gets a taste of what we call Instant Gratification. The prospect gets to enjoy what it’s [...]

Five Psychological Triggers To Help You Influence Your Customers

What do people want? 1 Results with little or no work 2 To be told what to do 3 Convenience, Speed and Ease Human behavior to be conscious of 1 Its emotionally unacceptable for people to blame [...]

Mark Burnett on prioritizing

Seeing rightly

GS Question:What to do if your staff is trying to extort more equity.

Question: I run a business with less than 20 employees. Two of my top staff who have been with me for 4 years want more equity or they are threatening to leave and start a competing business. I [...]

Words are an asset class

I was interviewed recently and the question was “what helped you grow your business?” My response was — I learnt how to use words to my advantage. To pack them with value and [...]