Thinking Differently Versus Thinking Different Thoughts

The client was in the financial services sector. I answered to the CEO of the company that had been given the contract and after what seemed like hours, we both realized the solution required [...]

You’ve started your business, here is how to get your first customers

Let me help you. I once founded and run a successful branding and design firm before I started consulting. Determine who your ideal client is–are you targeting small businesses in the [...]

The Reality Of The Limitless Life

What’s more impressive? Being able to outrun men in an Olympic contest or being able to outrun the fastest horses for miles. What’s more remarkable? Being able to deliver vaccines to one thousand [...]

How Todd Combs Read His Way Into A Job With Warren Buffett

He was among 165 students in a Columbia University investing class. Combs didn’t meet Buffett that day but says, “I still remember it like it was yesterday.” One of the students asked what he [...]

Generating leads by taking away the risk from a transaction

Find out how Michael Bloomberg built a private billion dollar business using this simple strategy. The principle is: 1. Whenever you meet someone in a transaction, there’s always the factor [...]

Productivity And Leverage Focused Thinking For Business Owners

What’s the difference between productivity and activity? How do you use leverage to advance your business forward? More marketing and advertising tips for entrepreneurs at [...]

Product Stage At A Tech Startup(both technical and non-technical founders)

A great product has these traits It’s something people want or love It’s at price people want to pay for it It’s easy for people to pick it up or have it delivered It has [...]

On turning ideas into profits with The Powered Life Podcast

I spoke with Peter Yobo and Nana Yaa Bartels on the Powered life podcast. Tune in here.

Replacing the incumbents (facing the competition)

This story holds an interesting lesson is for entrepreneurs in an industry with big incumbents. God tells Moses to send spies into a land He’s going to give them. Moses gives the spies [...]

Book Review: Bloomberg By Bloomberg

This book is the autobiography of Michael Bloomberg. He is the founder of Bloomberg LP According to Forbes magazine his net worth is 40.9 billion USD (2015) Purpose: I read this book to [...]