You don’t need an award for doing your job.

I heard a gentleman brag yesterday about how shared coupon codes or free gift cards from his startup after an event he attended. He went on to mention how he is not shy and that he believes [...]

Charge by the offering. Not by the time.

If you can help it. Never ever get paid by the hour or by the day as a consultant or freelancer. Your pricing strategy should be to get paid by the package or the offering. Would a chef charge [...]

Team Stage:Starting And Growing A Tech Startup

Last week, I shared the step by step checklist for starting a tech startup. This week, we look at building a team to help you accomplish this vision. Here is the link.  Note that you may not need [...]

Building a sharper Bevel

A few awesome ways to build a brand for people of color. The purpose of this post is to share my notes on a company that has the potential to become a household name globally. Hopefully this will [...]

Winning Even Before You Pitch

My pitch was good. It wasn’t great as far as sales pitches go but it was good. I had showed them that we had done everything in the brief and even done extra work to impress them. The [...]

How To Start And Grow A Tech Startup :Idea Stage

The pathway to business success is usually in 6 main stages: Idea stage- Market stage-Product stage-Website stage- Growth stage-Funding stage Over the next few days I am going to walk you through [...]

Using Mental Hacks To Sell Without Trying To Convince Customers

There are annual competitions that test memory. One of the former memory champions is an accountant who could look at 52 cards in 24 seconds and tell you exactly what he saw and in the order in [...]