The Fruit Test For Getting Your Products Mainstream Adoption

Fruit tastings are interesting. It amazes me how many different kinds of fruit God has put on this earth. It’s also interesting to hear why people like or dislike certain fruits. The [...]

They turned from their menus…when I started to place my order

I have been polishing up on my French so I started using Duolingo. I quickly realized it was not built for me. This has everything to do with business differentiation. Duolingo decided to focus [...]

Big fish or many little fish?

Less than 4 years ago I met a gentleman about 4 years older than I was. He was a web designer for a fortune 500 company and he told me how he made $25,000 for every website he designed while [...]

What should I focus on at this stage of my business?

CEO:I just found out we pay you even more than I am compensated. Does that seem right to you? Advisor:Well, let me explain. You know more about this business than I do. You understand the product [...]

Picking The Right People To Market To

One of the things I struggled with and had to learn how to do was focus on a single user or target market. Many of us start businesses and focus on the entire forest instead of a single tree. [...]

Monopoly Of Goodness

When missionaries go into a village, they take with them medicine, clothing, books, food and whatever the people in that community need. Many times in a matter of months, the locals accept the [...]