How To Get People To Buy Without Selling To Them

By the time you get to the end of this post, you would have learnt how to plant images in someone’s mind without forcing them to buy or even convincing them. You will learn how to [...]

Michele Hoskins And The Success Of Michele Foods

Michele Hoskins, founder of Michele’s Foods, became most notable after appearing on the Oprah Show discussing her $8 million salary from her famous Honey Crème Syrup, now being sold in over [...]

How To Know Which Clients And Opportunities Are Worth Your Time

I read about an Insurance company that let’s new leads fill out a form to determine their risk profile. After the assessment comes in they pass on the most high risk ones on to a competitor. They [...]

How To Speed Up Your Life And Business At The Speed Of Light

If you could move at the speed of light, every time you get to 186000 per second you would be a light year ahead of where you started. If your constant rate of speed in life was at that speed, [...]

Simple Influence System 2: Giving Value In Advance

In today’s episode, I talk about how to use goodwill to influence people to buy from you. As simple as it seems, Luke 6:38 gave us the answer to making money. “Give and it shall be [...]

Simple Influence System 1:How To Sell To Surface And Inner Desires

This is a series on how to win over customers and influence their buying decisions. Everyone including your ideal clients have two levels of desire. The surface desire is what is top of mind. The [...]

How To Make Better Business Decisions

I could have titled this “How to make sure your market does not determine your profits” or “Automated systems thinking for entrepreneurs.” It would surprise you to know [...]