How to pick the right books…and finish them

Do you know people who have read a lot but have nothing to show for their knowledge? Growing up we were told to read widely. Not many people were told to read well. This is partly the reason a [...]

Week 2: How To Create The Perfect Product

We discussed the founding principles of a successful entrepreneur last week. We went into detail about Idea Discovery and Development as well as Client/Target Discovery and Development. The [...]

How an entrepreneur made $25,000 from selling socks on Instagram

Selling online is a mystery to a lot of people but it shouldn’t be so. You can use some of the same strategies you’ve seen offline to create a massive following on Instagram. In [...]

Week 1:You want to start a business, here is what you should do first.

When I asked readers of this blog what topics they would like to trained on the most, “Starting a business that brings in passive income even if you have a 9 to 5″ was at the top of the [...]