A risk free secret to closing the sale

Have you noticed it is easier to acquire more of what you already have? The world has a cliche that says the first million is the hardest. It’s an incomplete truth but still valid in many [...]

The problem with starting a business in which you have no passion & no unique insight is that you will inevitably Make short term decisions.

Have you heard of mutual impoverishment?

It’s a mindset where a person believes that individuals with more money than they do should feel guilty for not sharing their money. It is an unfounded entitlement mentality where a person [...]

When a founder needs to focus (and ways to find out which client wants to pay you)

I once worked with a startup founder who like many of us gets hundreds of ideas daily. He always wanted to extend a product line or create a completely new service. At one time he actually [...]

How To Always Have Extra Cash In Your Life And Business Through Budgeting

Questions were going around the table. Someone had asked a question about how to extract savings out of corporate revenue. Another businessman asked about the best approach to allocating business [...]