How The World’s Money Supply Is Controlled.

There is no true shortage on planet earth. However, there is a controlled shortage. The diamond mine owners in South Africa meticulously control the number of diamonds they make available each [...]

How To Get People Who Matter To Value Your Opinion

Before we begin, let me share a story from a man I respect deeply. “It then happened for the third time before my wife stopped talking me into going again. She allowed me to make my [...]

My Talk At Natural Hair Conversations hosted by Twist & Locs Salon

On the 12th of September 2015, I shared practical insights on how to create systems that increase revenue at an event funded and hosted by Twist & Locs Salon. The participants were mostly [...]

Steps To Creating Your Strategic Outcome And Ultimate Result

I was in a partnership a few years ago that also got off to a tremendous start. Globally appealing products, an awesome team, first mover advantage, international press; you know the story by [...]

Creating A Strategic Outcome For Your Life And Business

What really matters? Let me share a personal story. When I started freelancing as a brand consultant(I don’t anymore. I’ll talk about my Business Growth consulting firm later), I had not ultimate [...]

Do you know the difference between customers and clients?

Why do clients buy more than customers do? Last week I was having lunch with a client at a restaurant I have visited at least half a dozen times in recent years. My client had been there even [...]