Think global. Start local.

Thinking globally but starting locally is a good mantra for nearly every business unless you are building a colony on Mars. The principle comes from the story of the tower of Babel about 6000 [...]

Now on Itunes: Episode 1 of Growing Startup’s Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Manu

In today’s podcast Emmanuel Quist interviews Marketing lecturer, Consultnt and Tech Entrepreneur Jeffrey Manu on how to grow a business using the systems that increase customers and [...]

The Man From Zara book review: An entrepreneur’s perspective

The Man from Zara: The Story of the Genius Behind the Inditex GroupThe man from Zara by Covadonga O’shea I promised to share a book review often, especially from the perspective of an [...]

The Method I Use To Read A 300 Page Book in 2 Hours Without Speed Reading.

Yes. I can teach you how to read a 300 page book in only 2 hours without speed reading. Yes. You can do this with ebooks as well. An old buddy reminded me to share my insights on how to read a [...]

An Entrepreneur’s book review of :Made In America-Sam Walton part 1

I tend to read books for lessons that will improve my business or the business of someone else’s. This focus primes my mind to look out for the parts of a book that are of value to an [...]