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What money, credit and the economy have in common

How does money, credit and the economy work?
Ray Dalio explains how transactions affect the economy’s growth while impacting deflation and inflation.
In an ideal world(depending on whose utopia this is), all or most credit would go towards productive work but alas most people take on debt for luxuries that they cannot pay back at a future date.

How to develop self discipline & how to do difficult things



She said she only got the degree to make her parents happy and now it was time to do what she really wanted to do. She believes the degree was for her parents so not excelling in college is no biggie. What she does not realize yet is that everything we do has a future benefit or loss.

Everything we do benefits or affects us now or later.

This reminds of me of employees who think they are working for the company or for the boss. After two weeks of working at a new establishment, the other staff asked a friend of mine,“why are you taking this so seriously? Is the business for your father?” This apathy starts from childhood. People who grow up not knowing why they are in school usually end up achieving magnitudes more in their lives than those who think school is a duty. Even teachers get this wrong sometimes. They say “don’t think about what the school can do for you. Think about what you can do for the school. Don’t just go through the school. Let the school go through you. “What does that even mean? No wonder there are so many people working in jobs who do not know why they are working there. They do not know why they are there so unless the Lord intervenes, they will die unfulfilled.

Let me share a formula for being benefit-minded

When faced with a difficult task, think of what the future rewards or benefits will be. Our minds find it very easy to understand things that work for our good. Think about what the effects of today’s decisions will be. The rewards will motivate you. Remember King David. When he got to the battlefront, he wanted to know what the reward would be for killing Goliath. After they told the payoff, he could visualize himself living tax-free, rich and married to the king’s daughter.

Practice overcoming emotional pain and discomfort.

Many do not set big enough goals because they do not like emotional pain or discomfort. I know of more than one person who does not have a Masters degree or settled for a less rigorous program or job because he or she could not develop the emotional capacity to take an aptitude test or a series of interviews. If you think it is impossible, you will make excuses and find examples of people who failed to justify your lack of action. So what if you are rejected five times? Who cares if the other person is rude? Look at the end result. The pot of gold at the end should be your motivation. When I really want to work with you, I will call and visit your office at least 12 times until I wear you down. Very few people can withstand 12 visits to their office. This is not extreme at all. A pastor in my Church says he once showed up at an establishment for 30 days until they gave him the job. Please remember not to run away from pain and difficult emotions but rather expand your capacity to endure and tolerate difficult imaginations.

By the time your goals are achieved, it will be more than worth it and it will make you stronger.

Remember to also do this when hiring people or speaking to suppliers or buying from vendors. Remember to tell them what is in it for them. Don’t assume that they know. Tell them “For every 400 units sold to us at this price, you will be making 17% more revenue in the next 8 months than you did last year. “ If they do not agree the first time, at least you have 11 more times to get your benefits. This also works in relationships. You may not want to do what the other person wants but remember to look for some kind of benefit. Every action is a seed. What you do for others will let good things happen to you. However I would like to add that we do not do good things just for the sake of personal benefit. That is selfishness.

The end result is the motivation.

Do you have any tips on how you overcome difficult tasks?

p.s a good book for this is E.W Kenyon’s Signposts On The Road To SuccessSignposts on the Road To Success

How I increased my income with one of the oldest rules in The Book

Giving is the easiest way to get

Many entrepreneurs are over territorial about their contacts and resources. When someone asks for advice, do not hold back unless it is your secret sauce. Selfishness will not get you very far. A good leader has a succession plan, but we find that in many organizations, one person hoards all of his ideas and so replacing him becomes a problem after he leaves. Many entrepreneurs cannot take a vacation because they cannot trust anyone else to handle operations when they are gone. This is a sad way to do business. Give all you can. You will sleep better. No one really knows how giving and receiving works but for example, I have found tithing to be more consistently rewarding than any stock I have ever purchased.

A testimony

A few years ago, I decided to help pay school fees for some children in the Anunmle community near Achimota, a suburb of Accra. On one occasion, I had received some extra money from a freelance job and was planning on using a portion of it for jollof rice and cooked lamb at this fancy restaurant a friend had been raving about. The next day, I was told some kids needed money for their fees so I just sent the money. Within 72 hours, I received more freelance work worth at least twenty times the money I gave to pay for the school fees. 20 times whatever amount you can imagine I got paid!!
Poverty does not help anyone. Businesses should be profitable so the money can help others and finance the Kingdom.
There are endless testimonies like this.

Try it. Giving just works wonders!

Continuous success and victory in business and life comes from being sold out to God. Prosperity comes from having a heart for God and his interests. Matthew 6:33 will make every man wealthy. Read the stories of men like Mover Of Men & MountainsR.G Letorneau and Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.John Rockefeller. These men had a heart for God that made them rule their industries. Rockefeller was an addicted tither. It is no mistake that John D. Rockefeller is said to be the wealthiest man in modern history.

How come it worked for me?

1. Let your giving be a privilege to you, and then it will become a delight.
We are blessed to be a blessing to others so do not abuse this.
What many do not realize is that when you give to a man, you have activated a spiritual law that requires some form of reciprocation. You are not to use this to control people even though there is a test you can use to prove this point. This may sound manipulative but try it next time you are with someone you do not know too well. Start talking about personal issues that have to do with your family, emotions and finances. Don’t get too personal. This is just a test. After a while, ask this person a personal question. Very few people will find it difficult to resist since they feel obligated to share something with you after you have dished out so much.

2. Giving without working will yield no results.
Bear in mind that I usually work an average of 12 hours a day so I was not a lazy idle bum at the time of the aforementioned story. Diligence and giving are the power twins of prosperity. God blesses the work of our hands so keep your hands busy at the right task and the the rewards will come flowing in.

Another reason giving works so well for some is because our intent is not just to receive. In addition to this, what you say after you give matters a lot. You can’t be whining about how bad the economy is or how your are broke and still expect to see good things happen in your life. The laws of the spirit do not work in the favor of those who say the wrong things.


Remember to look out for opportunities to be a blessing to someone. Success in life comes to those who give their best to others.

Do you have any testimonies that came from giving to someone?

How to Get Meetings With CEOs Without An Appointment.


We needed to speak with the CEO of the bank. We did not even know his/her name or even if the CEO was male or female. Not a very responsible thing to do I admit. We still went ahead anyway. The receptionist asks for my name and what business I was coming from and then shows me which floor to go to. I think it was the 6th or maybe the 7th. Another receptionist, how many of them are in this building? She also asks the same questions and asks us to wait in the lobby while she contacts the CEO’s personal assistant. We wait long enough for me to notice the fish in the aquarium are fake.

I digress.

Ten or so minutes go by and we are told we can go through the door on the right. The PA meets us and asks to see our presentation since in her words “We don’t do this here.”, “the CEO says he does not know who you are”. I reply by saying it’s only going to take 5 minutes of his time and that the presentation is on the ipad. She looks at the ipad, looks at us, looks back at the ipad and asks us to follow her while she mutters softly “we don’t usually do this but please come along.” We are ushered into one of the most well designed offices I have been to. It takes forever to get from the door to the CEO’s desk.

Ten minutes later we are laughing in the elevator and thanking God for the opportunity and boldness.

This has become our process for meeting CEO’s. It’s easier to ask for an introduction from someone I know who works at corporation A or B but isn’t it more fun to use faith?

In some cases the receptionist may ask if you have an appointment. I usually respond “he will see me. Tell him who this is.” I think this gives them the impression that I am someone important and they are right in thinking so. A CEO title should not intimidate you since that person is flesh and blood just like you. If this method does not work, you can try another. Just remember to keep trying.

If you think this will not work for you then don’t even try it because what you believe will work for you

Do you have any other unconventional methods of getting meetings with clients? Let me know how this works out for you.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.

coolidge quote

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
― Calvin Coolidge
John Calvin Coolidge Jr. was the 30th President of the United States. A Republican lawyer from Vermont, Coolidge worked his way up the ladder of Massachusetts state politics, eventually becoming governor of that state.

Words entrepreneurs say to make excuses for failure!

business quote human excuses

Success is intentional. Like Dr.Frederick K.C Price once said “whether you succeed or fail in life, it is your fault.”

The less excuses you have, the closer you are to success in whatever area of endeavor you are involved in. An entrepreneur’s advantage is that he or she sees opportunities and has the temerity and wisdom to get the results desired. I once spoke to someone who was complaining about how he was not able to start a business in a certain nation because of all the bureaucracy and yet there are millionaires who live in that nation and are prospering daily. He believed those people were either corrupt or had some shady dealings in the government. What this entrepreneur forgot is that if business was easy, everyone would be a success. He knew what he wanted but he did not know how to get to his goal so he resorted to excuses.

excuses for failure falling down


Notice people only say “we’re only human” when they want to make an excuse for failure. Why don’t they say that when they succeed?

Have you made any excuses today?

Be Great At Something

be skillful at something

Be good at something.

I recently filled out an application and it freshly dawned on me how important to have an area of excellence. Even if you can do other things, it’s good to be very good at something. People will pay for the value in you.
Branding, marketing, business strategy, sales and advertising are kindred disciplines but very different.

Find a skill that will make you indispensable, even if you relocated to another country or city. Salesmen, for example, are essential to most organizations because selling is an important skill. It could be communication, writing code, math, carpentry, organization, writing, engineering, cooking, crocheting or basic accounting. Whatever it is, just make sure you have something of value that others will pay for!

Find something you can be the best at

As an entrepreneur, it is important to have skills or competencies that make you invaluable to your business. It’s not enough to have a vision alone. I have encountered entrepreneurs whose only value to their business is that they came up with the initial idea. Many of them are incompetent leaders and this will affect the business in the long run unless they find out what their strengths are and stick to those.

1. Make a list of everyone you know who is an expert or has a high level proficiency in the strength you want to improve upon
2. Make a list of the steps they took to become the best. A lot of this stuff is public information. You may have to spend an hour or two looking for this information online by reading articles they have been featured in or interviews they have participated in.
3. Determine which steps fit your goals and start copying. This could be through reading the books they read or working at specific companies or taking courses they took.

Keep improving your strengths daily

Competence in areas such as communication, sales, goal setting, time management and basic finance can be studied so it is best to improve ourselves in these areas. Your employees will respect you more if they view you as more than “The Idea Guy”.

How did you find your path in life?