How to build products with Intuitive Design

Intuition plays a big part in designing products and there’s both natural and trained intuition. Natural intuition influences the addition of handles to products. We naturally feel more [...]

How to do Real Life Product Placement On TV, Social Media and Music

Very few of people outside the United States have seen even a quarter of the ads in the States. This makes it even more impressive that you can find so many brand evangelists and fans outside the [...]

How the words you speak do more harm to your business than you know

The things that can kill a business are not all external. It is also not a secret that the words we speak affect our lives either positively or negatively. What surprises me is how often [...]

Important questions that could lead to answers for any entrepreneur

Answers come to those who ask the right questions. Bill Swad Sr asked the following questions in his book, You Can Do It, TOO!” target=”_blank”>You Can Do It Too and I find they [...]

What metrics are you using to measure your startup? Competition or Monopoly?

What metrics matter to your business? When I left my last startup I started thinking about what we achieved and if we had done our best for our clients. My philosophy is that the best businesses [...]

What I learnt about dressing well and making money.

In college many of my mates were overly concerned about getting the right connections, references and investing in their appearance in order to get the right jobs and to get into the right [...]

How and Where do I Find a New Business Idea?

Let us look at 4 questions to ask when looking for a new business idea to start a business. 1. What vision or instruction has God given me? 2. In what are do I have domain expertise or unique [...]

Minimum Viable Product for Young Startups

Steve Blank teaches a concept called MVP; Minimum Viable Product. One way to define this concept is to start by creating a product with enough features to make it deployable and nothing more. In [...]

Important steps in starting a business

We have seen it time and again where a business moves from 3 employees with $1000 a month in revenues to $10000 a month. What happens next is that, they start hiring people to do jobs that they [...]

Some businesses that were bootstrapped

“Look at what the top stories are, and they’re all about raising money, how many employees they have, and these are metrics that don’t matter,” 37Signals founder Jason Fried says. [...]

Starting small before launching into your own business

Maybe your chosen path in life is to go into a professional field such as law, medicine or finance. You may need to work for an established firm to build up experience and knowledge, before you [...]

Simple goal setting for entrepreneurs

Whether you are saving to start a business, piling up cash to buy a home or funding a project, it is imperative to have a goal. What many call their savings account is usually just a current [...]

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